March 14th, 2005

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Dearest A,

What's happening with us? We never talk. I remember our nightly 3 hour phone calls, the smile that would come across my face when I would hear the ring of my phone at exactly 9 o'clock, and the way I would say "Hi." and wait for that way you say my name. We never see each other. You never send me my "Good morning sunshine." messages. You never play your guitar and sing to me anymore. You never hold my hand. You never come up behind me and snake your arm around my waist. I remember that feeling, being consumed by happiness. I remember the way you smelled and the way you would look at me out of the corner of your eyes. I remember pretending not to notice. I remember being so scared. I remember telling myself to not let myself like you so much because I didn't want to get hurt. I remember.

And now I regret.
Because I'm afraid I might love you.

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Dont get me wrong, I'm not begging. I'm offering.

dear boy
I dont miss you. this has been the best recover i've ever had. but i've decided i miss you as a friend. i miss you being the boy i could to turn to and tell all my secrets to like we did. have i lost my place in your "converse shoe friend thing"? i'm sure i have... i wouldn't be surprised if i was on the ladder at all... probably far from it. but i do miss you, as a friend. i have alot to tell you. you'd never guess whats happening. especially about my mom. i mean, sooner or later you're bound to find out.. how can you not o.O;;;; but i wanted you to be one of the first people i told. can we please be friends? dont try to shut me out. you said friends. not like last time though. i think on the inside we knew as soon as we got out of your car that day we would hardly speak a word to eachother at all. and that makes me sad.
the girl

p.s. i want to give you a chance to be my friend. at LEAST do that for me. i understand if you dont accept. but i'm leaving the option. at one point you called me your best friend. even if we hadn't dated you said i was your best friend. i hope you didn't just say that.
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dear future self,
can u tell me now wot will happen if i maybe did a lil more, flirted a bit, woz just a lil more friendly.
can u tell me whether the risk of losing it all and making an ass of myself at the same time is actually worth it
and will it result in wot i want
or atleast a version of it
tell me
if i flirt with him wot will he do???

my present self
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heres some rules...

dear future husband
dont propose to me unless there's 1000 yellow daisys and candle light and a white horse, although i don't know why the white horse would be there unless you were riding it, but that'd be kinda weird... :]
love future wife
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AMORY (ex - senses fail)

Ex-Senses Fail, Ex-Rydia

Amory is a 5 piece indie/pop/rock band from Bergen County, New Jersey. Amory recently finished "Where are you going, where have you been?" a 5 song EP recorded at Nada Recording Studios (Midtown, Brand >New, Senses Fail, Steel Train, Autopilot Off, My Chemical Romance) with friend and producer John Naclerio. Ranging from the ages of 19 to 23, the band holds a young and fresh, yet dedicated and professional attitude towards their music as well as the industry.

Listen to Amory on Purevolume!