March 12th, 2005

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Dear Family,
Please sleep soundly tonight.
Love, Mic

Dear Daddy,
Please go to bed.
Love, Mic

Dear Zachie,
Please get off work at a decent hour tonight.
Love, Mickie

Dear God,
Please help me make this work...please. Thanks.
Love, Mickie

Dear Strange Noises,
Please stop. You're freaking me out. Ew.
Love, Mic

(no subject)

Dear Paul,

Gosh. I know that we don't have time to really be boyfriend and girlfriend. Sad pandas. But, sometimes I still just want you to come over so that we can finish watching the Back to the Future trilogy and make out. That's all a girl wants sometimes: a little action. I mean after all I did give you banana pudding ice cream.

Thanks you for your time and consideration,
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(no subject)

Dear Mark,

I know you think that I'm doing great, that I don't need you anymore, but it couldn't be farther from the truth. My life is so fucking tedious. You were the one thing I looked forward to everyday. What do I have now? Nothing.
The worst part is, even if I did tell you all this, it wouldn't change anything. You wouldn't come running back to me. But I don't blame you. I wouldn't either.


(no subject)

Dear space in my heart,
Ow. Will you ever heal? Your hurt. I can't feel your beat anymore from my chest. That scares me. Maybe its becuase i'm missing the other half of my heart. I better put the ice back around you. I dont think the b side of my heart is coming back...
love the girl

dear sadness
go away.
love happiness

dear sunshine,
i thought you were here to forever stay...but i guess you were takin away...
love sunshine holder
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I almost wish you would've loved me too.


Why do I feel like you are trying to avoid me? I called you yesterday, you werent home. I called you today, you werent home. You were online last night when I was but you said Gavin was playing a game so you couldnt talk to me. Did I screw up that bad? I mean, after all you put me through, I dont eat cuz I dont feel well and you freak out and start getting all worried about me. IM NOT LIKE HEATHER!!! Im not going to starve myself or cut myself or take tons of pills. Im not going to spread rumors about you. Im not to say you forced me to do anything. Im not going to break your heart like she did. I just wish you would realize how much I love you and care about you.
I wish the phone would ring right now and it will be you and I can be able to tell you all this. or maybe just talk to you. I miss you. Please just call me.

Sincerly Yours,

P.s. I love you, forever and today.
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I'm tired of the nawf side..

Dear Travis, Lordy Lordy, and everyone else,

I love you guys, but right now I can't stand any of you. I refuse to go anywhere with any of you ever again. You leave me out all the time. Especially one of you in particular. At least Vicky understands how I feel. Right now I just need to take a break from all of you right now, start hanging out with different people. Find some new friends. But I still love all of you. I think....

Dear retard at the library,
No it's not a mohawk, I do have cancer. I'm dying! are you happy you sick fuck?!?!? Eh!! Eh?!?!?!?! Go get a fucking brain dipshit and quit being such a fucking stain on the soul of society. Pass the words on to your friends and learn what a mohawk is. Have a fucking day.

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