March 2nd, 2005

so am i dead or still alive? and will i make it through the night? i feel like i'm losing my mind...

get over her. you know it's never going to work out between you two. we're amazing together and you know it. how dare you tell me you don't think of me as more than a friend? are you really that scared? i can see it in your eyes. i'm not a complete dumbass, you know. you would make me the happiest girl alive if you were mine. you drive me fucking insane. i hate how you tell me how wonderful i am and i deserve the best and i'm so pretty. if i'm really that great, wouldn't you be on your knees trying to get me to notice you? why is it the other way around if i'm so magnificent? you don't make any sense. i hope i'll still be here when you're ready for me... you're simply amazing.

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Dear Beth

Im so depressed, youre the reason im alive, without you around im nothing, i hardly speak to you in person, but u know im there and i know youre there, but somehow you dont notice me, and i hate that, because u told me you liked me, then said you didnt, then asked could we kiss, then said u just wanted to be friends...i know youve told me time and time again that youre a fuck-up, but i dont belive that, and youve told me that you hurt people, but i do belive that, ive seen the state of chloe, matt, and even myself. I know how you feel about certain people, especialy Claire, but i love you so much and want to spend the rest of my life with you...

xx...Yours forever...xx

Beki ♥♥♥

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Dear Ails,

I've never known myself to hate someone so fucking much, you stupid-sounding, ugly, poser cunt.

Fuck off and die and never emerge into my fucking life again.

I hate you.


little fairy

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Dear Heart,
Why do you insist on falling for boys that you cant have?
I told you not to get attached. i warned you. you never listen.
Its not something that is possible. he lives too far.

so why do you still care?