March 1st, 2005


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dear sean,
the only reason that i "broke-up" with you is really fucking dumb. i did it because people were talking to me about it and i started to feel REALLY confused, and i started to wonder if we were going to last. maybe we could have.. i don't know. well, anyways, love you. bye.

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Dear self,

You fucking suck.
You're useless and stupid and can't do anything right at all.
All you're good at is hurting people.
Fan-fucking-tastic talent, you fuck.
Why don't you just kill yourself and make everyone happy?

Love, Me.

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dear wife

i push you away because i couldn't stand to lose you to someone else. i love you far too much.

maybe i should tell you that.

with all my love always,
yr personal suicide girl xx

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dear jacqui,
why? why do u love him, why did you have to love him so much???
and why cant you get over him cuz u have to choices
get over him and have hayley and him as a friend
or not get over him and lose them both
and its not just u that will lose them every1 will
i cant blame you but your breaking us apart???
your breaking kane and hayley apart!
and thats not fair???
or is it??
i understand you but i also understand hayley

love always

dear hayley,
why him? why her?
i dont wanna lose you cuz were not close but ur cool and ur nice
i understand you completly, how much it would suck feeling guilty everytime you hugged him cuz you might b hurting one of you best friends but also how much it would piss you off seeing jacqui hug him and feeling like she's stealing him from you
i mean essentailly its kinda your fault u introduced jacqui and kane but you never knew what woul come of it did u? so its not rilly your fault?
i know that the reason you fight is over her nd i can understand her but still its not fair on either of u is it?no one wants to break you and kane up but no one wants to hurt jacqui either
am i the only one who cant see a solution to this

love alwayz

dear kane,
why did you have 2 be so gorgeous?? and why do you act lyke you like jacqui???
are you giving her what she wants?? are you trying 2 make hayley jealous?? or do you like her aswell
your just confusing everyone more...

love alwayz

dear life,
why is this happening????
why couldnt it be simple girl finds guy girl likes guy guy likes her baq
no friends who also like this guy
no possibility of groups being broken up
no possibility of any1 getting hurt

love alwayz
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its me again
wondering if your here
not sure if you can here me
i know she hurt you
he's going to break her heart again
i don't want you to bleed for her
i don't want you to cry over her
i don't want you to die either
or my world might crash down to
you know i care about you
i'm scared about you
i'm sorry for you
i can't believe you told me not to and you did it
i didn't yell at you
nor did i tell you i would be mad at you if you did it again
i know it would be harder for yo uto stop if i told you
i'm glad we started talking again
i missed that
the world is fading around me again
the world is going dark
amber pulled be out of it once
but she's not here to do it again
i hope u know
i care about you
i don't want you to sink as far as i am
i don't want you to die here

you know i care,

never to be Sally
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too all my ex moco crew

To all my Ex MoCo Crew:
My whole life I have wanted to go to college, to a college where I would fit in... Last year, my senior year in high school, I was college searching and I found this college -- Moravian College... I fell in love with it... My first choice college... When I heard back from all the other colleges and they told me they accepted me and I didn't hear back from Moravian, I felt like my whole world crashed... Then I heard from them saying that they accepted me... I was the happiest person in the world... I couldn't wait to go... At that point, I was counting down the days til Friday, August 27th 2004... I could not wait to go... I had my heart set on this school... I thought it was going to be the best four years of my life... Now today being March 1st 2005 and I'm back in New Jersey, all I have to say is fuck you all... Laura, Nicolina, Amanda, Amanda, Aubrey, Dan, Val, Susan, Jess, Joyce, and anyone else I forgot -- go to fucking hell... I hate you all... I hate everyone on that campus... You all made my life a living hell up there... Esp. Jess... You fucking trampy ass drunken whore, I hope you get pregnant with a million STD's and then get sooo drunk to the point where you die cause I will laugh my ass off and it will suck for everyone else cause I wasn't there this time to save your sorry little ass... I could care less if you all suffered a slow agonizing death in a dorm fire... Serves you all right... Ever since Jess got drunk, things went down hill even more... But you all saw her the second time she was taken away... We all stood out there on College Circle and watched the ambulence take her away... We all cried together, remember? We all saw how pale she looked and the fact that she was out for 2 hours... Two hours of unresponsiveness... Three hours later, we all find out that if we waited any longer, she could have died... But somewhere along the line after this incident, she got to you guys and now I became the bad over-reactive person... You all started talkin shit behind my back and refused to hang out with me... All I gotta say is GO TO FUCKING HELL cause no one else wants you... I don't gotta change who I am in order to feel welcome... I have my friends at home... Now I don't have to waste my time on the fucking phone... By which what I do with my time and my life is no one's business and if you guys didn't like it, well go have one big happy orgy... I HATE YOU ALL... I REGRET EVEN MEETING YOU!!!! all you sorry asses are trying to make yourselves feel welcome... all you guys like all these guys and you go to parties to try to prove yourselves... well you know what, i don't gotta prove myself to have people like me for me... you all live sad lives and you're all gonna die a miserable death and i'm gonna be throwing a party cause the world will be rid of more evil... FUCK YOU ALL, DIE AND GO TO HELL!!! NO ONE WANTS YOU!!!

<33 Kristen
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Dear Wannabe Lover,

It's been so long, but I still love you. Seeing you last week drove me wild, I remembered what drove me crazy about you. Your looks. Your laugh. Your way of speaking. Your heart. The way you dress. Your breathlessness. Your scent. And if even for just an all-too-brief second, the taste and softness of your lips.

But I have to be realistic. Three long years ago you said to me, "you never know, maybe someday". That's been my motto ever since, "maybe someday". It goes like this - you live too far away, you do things I don't, and as much as it shouldn't be an issue, you're older than me. I've got so much to learn. You tell me I'm wise beyond my years, but I'm so... young compared to you. And that's another thing I love about you, you're... you're living your life. You're such a fucking inspiration.

I love you more than you'll ever know, and I guess that makes me a bit posessive of you. You're out drinking tonight, and as much as I'm happy for you socialising, I just hope you don't meet a guy there... my heart would just break. It's selfish and awful, but my heart would just break.

I should be realistic, but I can't stop thinking about you and how I'm infatuated with you.

I love you with all my heart. I love you so damn much.

daniel xxx