February 17th, 2005

AMORY (ex - senses fail)

Amory recently recorded a 5 song EP, “Where are you going, Where have you been?” with friend and producer John Naclerio at Nada Recording Studios.(Midtown, Steel Train, Senses Fail, My Chemical Romance, Brand New...)

On March 1st, the boys will be playing with Something Corporate sideproject "Firescape" at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ! Email amoryband@hotmail.com for tickets!

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(no subject)

i fucking hate you!
i hope you die and burn in hell!
everytime i see you i want to rip your hair out of your fucking head and bang it into the lockers and cement!
i plan on it one day
run your mouth just one more time you fucking baby killer
and i swear ill rip you to shreds!
you are self-absorbed, inconsiderate, immature, greedy, a liar, backstabber, you think the whole fucking world should revolve around you and your "problems" that dont even fucking exist!
you piss me off more than you fucking know!
i guess its good that you killed your baby cuz i know if i was your child id want to fucking die!
you stupid bitch!
you think you should get everything you fucking want and more!
well you cant have it all...
i win this time you skank-ass whore!
and you need to quit fucking using people
especially your fucking friends
its pretty sad when even your BEST friends talk shit on you and hate you so badly
you have to be a pretty bad person to do that
because they are not bad friends
you are!
you are a horrible person!
you dont deserve to live...
i saw a girl at school today
the one with the disease that makes her loose all her hair and stuff and she looks so sick
yeah well i was thinking
and she dosnt deserve any of it
that should be you.
not her!
and i wish you would have died instead of Micah!
you self-centered fucking bitch!
ive never thought i would actually want someone to die
or not care if someone died
but your a different fucking story!
your a living nightmare!
and so is your face!
i hope it rots and falls off!
along with your precious boyfriends penis!
oh wait.. which boyfriend?
your playing 3 of them right??
well not brandon considering he has no clue about the other 2
poor michael, you have him dangling on the end of your finger waiting for another chance
and fucking a.... yeah. that would be the one!
you know.. your boyfriend... that while me and you were best friends.. got me fucked up on 4 tabs and took advantage of me!
or so i hear...
sense i dont even fucking remember anything!
luckily he didnt get me pregnate like he did you..
but even if he did, i wouldnt fucking kill my baby!
you think he would learn.. fucking child molester!
hes fucking 22 years old!
and hes fucking with all these younger girls..
oh and lets not forget his COUSIN.. which is a BOY.. that pressed charges!
he is a registered child molester///pedifile!
how fucking sick!
i hate him too!
i hope he dies along with you!
one of these days karma will bite you in the fucking ass!
well it would if you even had an ass!
if you keep doing all those fucking drugs that you swear to god you dont do then you wont have a body at all!
which i dont care!
you can fuckin wither away!
become dust!
just a memory!
but who would want to remember you?
no one!
because everyone fucking hates you now!
and thats what you get you fucking shitty-ass slut!

[[yours truely]]
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i got soul, but im not a soldier.

dear michael,
this is the last letter i'll write to you.
consider it a big FUCK YOU.
sure, we'll still be friends,
but that doesnt mean that everytime i look at you i wont want to punch you in the face.
cause trust me.
i'll want to.
this is the letter that will let you know im forgetting about you,
and all the things you did that made me more than happy.
and all the things you said that made me feel like i was the luckest person in the world to have you.
here it goes.

i hate they way you say you like bands to get your new friends to like you.
i hate they way you bought tight pants, so that your new friends would like you.
what about your old friends?
you always had stupid screen names.
you mis-spell words a first grader knows.
i hate that.
you didnt listen.
i hate myspace.
and looking at your myspace.
and looking at the comments you leave the girls at your school.
"you are so beautiful! <3"
i hate that comment the most.
i hate looking at the pictures of us.
we look so happy, i wish we still were.
i hate writing things like this about you.
cause it only means that im not over you.
no matter how much i want to be.
you look dumb after you get a hair cut.
you said you were sorry too much.
you didnt even know why you were sorry.
i hated knowing that when i said i loved you more than you did me, that i was right.
even though you always insisted i was wrong.
you broke more promises to me, than anyone in my entire life has.
you said things you thought were funny, when really they werent.
i hate how its hard thinking of things i hate about you.
because everytime i see you i think of so many.
maybe its because, the more i think about you,
the more i know i miss you.

i miss your eyes.
i miss your smile.
i miss the way you always had to hold my hand.
i miss the way you looked at me.
i miss the way you hugged me.
i miss all the nice things you said to me.
i miss laying in bed and listening to music.
i miss getting up and dancing around my room when a good song came on.
i miss acting like we never wanted to grow up.
i miss playing games.
i miss beating you at your favorite video games.
i miss watching movies with you.
i miss playing in the rain with you.
i miss chalking on my driveway with you.
i miss jumping down mystairs to see who could go the farthest.
i miss our little contests that we would have, to see who could get the most attention in public.
i miss that day at boardwalk, when we played in the fountain, and got in trouble.
i miss throwing snowballs at you, on the first white christmas ever.
i miss driving you home, and seeing that look on your face when we said gooodbye.
i miss the way your eyes would water up when i told you how much i loved you.
i think i miss that the most.
i especially miss the way you smiled at me when i walked into the room.
that smile that made me fall forever in love with you.

i miss so much more about you than you will ever know.

but fuck you.
you'll be back.
you always are.

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