February 15th, 2005

You know ill call you eventually when i wanna talk... untill then, your invisible.

Dear Valentines day,
Yeah. i know im a little bit late. I just want to know..

A day to make someone realize that they are alone,
to make someone want that one person more than any other day of the week,
to cry even harder whenever you hear that damn song on the radio.

Sure, its pretty sweet when your with "that one person". but what if that one person dosent want you back?
Your a selfish holiday.

Dear that one person,
Okay, i tried. Thats all i really have to say,
i mean 5 months resulted to me wishing we were back at square one again.
Where i thought you were the cutest thing ive ever laid eyes on,
&your first impression of me was that i was  a hot lesbian or something of that sort.

Ive showed my letters to you, to my friends, to the world.
&all i got was a stupid cramp in my hand.


Thanks a lot ... you really did make me realize,
its never going to be Romeo&Juliet.
I hope it disapoints you, just as much as me.

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Dear Heart,
I hope you know, you wont be the one breaking this time. I'll be breaking the heart this time. I know it. I know I wont be able to stop it from happening. But, it will. I hope he understands though. He likes me so much, and I like him too, just not as much, I hope I'm doing the right thing, by being with him. I hope I'm not doing it for the wrong reasons. I really wish you would clearly state what you want.

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