February 13th, 2005

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Dear my friends,

In the time we've spent forever after beyond this when will our nightmare ever end? {Sorry, I couldn't resist!}

Thank you so much for making my birthday so amazing! I don't think I have had this good of a birthday ..... ever. You are all truly amazing. I can't believe how blessed I am to have you in my life.

Much love,
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Dear _____

i wonder if you enjoy makeing me feel like shit. i mena you did it soo much this weekend alone im beggingin to think it a drug. ooh well, i guess you guys just need something to exclude. and im it. well, fuck you dearys. g o d i e.


Dear Moon,
you are my best friend & that's why I care so much about your happiness and your life. I just want you to be happy but he doesn't make you happy. I sit in the corner all the time and watch him make you laugh and then cry and then laugh and then cry again. There were times i thought it would work out and rejoiced with you, then i would watch it crash and burn again. there were times i cried my eyes out worrying about u and wishing you could find happiness, but i know this isn't it. ive realized over the past few months that you are right, you cant help me anymore and so you are going to focus on yourself.. and ive also realized that you don't want my help. ive givin you so much advice and you don't listen anymore. ive offered so much of my time to help u two get back together, but u don't seem to care about the sarcrifices i made to make this happen. like turning down James at the coffee shop. then u ask me if ill call up my old flame from highschool so u can use him to make your ex jealous? i think we've reached the end of our rope here. and maybe i am unable to help you. and it hurts to not be able to help you but somethings we must do on our own. just because ive never had a serious relationship, i feel like u think my advice is not worth anything. and im sorry i never been there. and maybe i dont understand. i just feel like ur mom is right and that you have changed and im afraid you may never be "you" again. i dont want u to be alone and i dont want u to be depressed, but i also dont want u to be with him if he makes you feel this way. ive made a decision to try to stay out of it, like my parents say, its none of my business. so im finally going to listen to them. i love you, but this is the best way for you to get over this is if i stop helping you to see him again. its not healthy for either of us. i just hope to God that when I end up where you are right now that you'll be there for me as much as I have been for you. i know i sound mean, but i really did try my best and ive did everything i could possibly do and i failed..
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by me

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Dear Tom,

There's so many different things I wish I could tell you. I just don't have balls enough to say them or the right words to explain them. The truth is, I am hopelessly infatuated with you and I want to be with you. I want to hug you, kiss you, and call you mine. I wish you knew who I am. Even though you don't know who I am, I still know who you are. It hurts me to know that you don't know me and I doubt you even care that I like you. You probably already have a girlfriend and you probably don't even want me. Well who cares because no matter what happens, I will always feel the way I feel for you.

Love, Maddie
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Gun Sex

Several letters, to various people, united by the fact that they make no sense

Dear Walter,
You're really sweet to me. Thanks. Thanks for giving me cigarettes, and sleeping in my lap, and letting me pet you, and coming up and hugging me for no good reason. Be careful, or I'm going to set out to make you mine.

Dear Kat,
Hey, listen up. Stop adoring Walter man, I mean he's this sweet gorgeous lovely darling teddy bear of an emo kid. You're a fat bitchy psychotic hopeless nut case with morals that would revolt organized crime bosses and criminal defense lawyers not to mention you're really batting out of your league here. Opposites attract. That, like everything else they always say is only half true. So get it through your head Kitty Kat.
Just a friendly reminder,

Dearest Darling Walter Sweetheart,
You will be my baby doll. Resistance is futile.

Dear Katie Baby,
That message you left was so wonderful. I loved hearing your voice. You sound just the way I remember. I swear I'll get back to you ASAP baby. Also that line "I love you, know that I love you." was world class.
I love you and although I'm not much into the card/flower/candy/jewlery/expensive candle lit resturant conspiracy of tomorrow happy Valentine's Day Katie Baby.
More love than you can imagine,
YOUR Kitty
Don't worry about Walter. He couldn't replace you. You know that no matter, I mean even if I am being held hostage by the terrorists, the Mafia, the CIA, the FBI, aliens, the KKK, or anything or anyone I would get out and get to you if need be. Even if I were in the middle of geting married or getting laid by like Angelina Jolie or Walter or anyone I would jump up and run to you. The only time I cannot garuntee that I will get to you and do anything for you no matter what is if I fall into the hands of the IRS because no force on earth can compete with them and win, but Gods know I'd take as many accoutants as possible and defiantely deck some auditors.
Why is Valentine a saint? What is it that made the card/plushie/candy/jewlery/candle lit dinner industry latch on to a random Catholic feast day as a day to mass market love and sick syrupy affection? I mean aren't saints supposed to be like monks, or nuns, or priests, or apostales, who are supposed to be chaste and married to God? Are they considering revoking his sainthood because of the whole Valentine's Day and sex and what not thing? Can you revoke sainthood? Do you call it sainthood? What about Saint Patrick's day? Does the Pope consider revoking his sainthood because of the general partying and drunkeness of the day? Or because it's too hard to take a saint seriously when on a holiday named after him a substantial number of people will have green piss? Is there not something seriously homosexual about the idea of monks being married to God or whatever? Does the church not notice? If the pope is so greatly blessed by the lord why doesn't he just live forever? Or use his magic pope powers to fix things? Are you getting tired of me asking all these random questions about your parents' religion?
No I'm not strung out on drugs. I'm just hyper from chocolate and sugar.
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