February 3rd, 2005


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Dear James,
What did i do? How bad did i screw up & do i get another chance? I've been so tempted to tell you that I think about you everyday. But she is my best friend. I promised her if she didn't have a ride i would take her and i didnt think of that when i said yes to the coffee shoppe. i know u said u believe me, but then you added "you never can be to sure". so does that mean.. you really don't believe me? Everyone thinks i "blew you off". But I told you there was a change of plans way before our scheduled date, does that count? i told you that i liked you, did that help your decision any? i thought i was over it but i still think about u everyday.. i wanted to ask u for another date but im not confident with myself & probably never will be.. so that's why i still haven't talked to you in a few days.. i bet you already have forgotten me though.. thanks for the smiles.
Love Always,
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dear both of u!

i know i screw it up, i know, and it still hurts! i can´t get over it, i know everything seems to be ok, but i´m not fine...i´m not expecting anything from you guys, really, i´m not even sure, that u care about me, lol, i know you don´t, but i do care about you.
i hope you´ll have a happy life, honestly!find a gurl, who deserves you...and u had right, i was wrong, never ever fall in love with your exs´ friend. i know...thanks to remind me with every single look!
I wish i could fade away, to never see u again, cuz it hurts, it fuckin´ hurts!...i loved u guys, both of u...and i´m sorry!!

</3 me
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you told you loved her but you don't.

Dear Michael,

i hate you.
i wish you would just love me like you used to.
when your smile made everything perfect,
and i knew you loved me by just the look in your eyes;
the eyes that could never hide anything from me,
no matter how hard you tried.
the eyes that made me fall in love with you a million times.
i'll never forget the way you looked at me,
the look that said "wow".
the look that im never going to see again.
i'll miss everything about you.
i wish you would just love me like you used to.
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