January 17th, 2005


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my song..i made it when i was 12

sunflower shine

peanutbutter cup
so so subconsious
wish i could change your frown upside down

You consumed your self with them
you didn't need to
they didn't know how to treat you

oh so young and nieve
how they took advatage of that
well for that i am forever sorry

IM sorry for treating you
like i had other things to do
your my attention now

oh poor peanut butter cup
so so subconnios
when your tears fall
everyone stares

you came, you left
good bye
nothing ever changed
you hid in the shadows
hello butter cup
i love you now

lyrics <333

UNSUNG ZEROS- "louder than words"

Penned this one last
because it was the hardest
Yet it meant the most to me at the same time
Feelings are tough to explain
when what i feel is bigger than any word that i can find

So i wrote you this song
To tell you i love you
But I know that thats much less than you deserve
It's all so much less
Then these feelings i'm feeling
I hope my actions speak louder than words
Call me whenever, and i will come running
I'm ready and waiting for ever for you
I'll give you my whole heart
To hold as your keepsake
If you should ever need proof

Remembering the times that we spent together
I know how good it feels to be in your arms
Im always so happy and filled up with laughter
when ever i'm with you i feel safe and warm


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I love you. I always will. I don't know why you decided to start ignoring me, and practically disappear. That sucks. I wish I could call you, but I know you don't want me to bother you.
And now my birthday is coming up, and it's going to suck to not have you here with me. Even that you won't say happy birthday. Who knows if you'll even know that it is my birthday. You probably don't think about me anymore. The only thing I truly want for my birthday, is you.
I need you more than oxygen in my lungs
by flavuh

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Dear Jamie,
I have cared about you for so long but in the end i know i did not deserve any of the pain you have caused. I wish i never met you and then maybe my life wouldn't be as messed up as it is; its like i can't let go of you. everyone tells me that we would be perfect together but they do not know the past year of pain i have gone through trying to be happy... i just don't want to hurt anymore but for some reason im attached to you and i don't understand why. i know you love me and i don't care what some people say about how you use people and stuff because i know you better than them and we have something, when stephen broke up with me you were the one at the dance trying to cheer me up, you were there at every party i had; making it alot more fun lol, you were the one who sat there and listened to music that only the two of us had ever heard of before, when stevie broke up with me you were there for me; you were the one that held me while i cried.. but then i think about all of the pain i have indured from loving you and how much pain i have caused others by loving you. i know i shouldn't care about you, i know i deserve better... but i just can't stop loving you and someday i hope you realize this and how much you have hurt me but for now ill just wait and maybe someday i can give up.
<3 Kash