January 14th, 2005

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I know if you ever really found this letter my punishment would be unbearable -- worse. I wish you would let me love you...say I love you. I wish I could verbalize the emotions we have for eachother. I know you love me, thats why I am your slave, it's why you keep me...and your so intellegent and masterful that I'm sure you know I love you...but is it so horrible that I want to tell you?

Master, I love you.

I only wish you could know...

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A boy who dosent deserve a nick name;

They say everything happens for a reason.
Well, i still havent figured out the reason for me likeing you as long as i did
&never getting a thing in return,

...besides a broken heart

Thanks oh so much, for everything. For leading me on, for basically ripping my heart out of my chest &used it for your pleasurable entertainment.

You are really the cockiest kid ive ever met. I hope that makes you feel good too.

Love always,
Destiny Rae Lopez.
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Dear You Whom I Love More Than Anything,

I wrote a sonnet today for you. I was in a rhyming mood. I hope you like it.

If only I could see you once again
I miss you so much, more than words can say
For many years we've been the best of friends
Please don't be sad, we'll meet again one day.
We've been through all the good times and the bad
You have always been my bright guiding light
We've been through the happy times and the sad
But losing you has been my greatest fright.
We're bound by a love that's stronger than time
Although not by blood, we are linked by heart
Forever I am yours and you are mine
It hurts me that we are so far apart
But know I'll love you to the end of time.
My darling, please know we'll always be friends
From the beginning of time til the end.

January 14th, 2005
9:55 a.m.

All my love,
Your baby
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