December 28th, 2004


I love you.

Dear you,

I love you. I love you so damned much. More than my own life. You love me, or at least, you used to.
You're so far away from me now. Miles and miles and miles away. Has the distance lessened your love for me? Have you found someone else to replace me? I live in fear of the day you tell me you no longer love me.
You don't know, do you? That you're my life, my world. When you're upset, I weep for you. When you're happy, I rejoice with you.
I'm a passenger on the wild roller-coaster that is your life. Whether you want me to be or not. There's no going back. I'm in this for life.
You terrify me. I never thought I could feel such strong emotions for somebody I wasn't romantically involved with. But I know now that anybody I become involved with will always come second to you. Should I ever have to choose between you and this significant other, I would choose you. Always. Even if it meant leaving that person standing at the altar or some other romantic shit like that.
I can live without romance. It's the thought of life without you that terrifies me. Don't leave me, please don't ever let me go. I need you. I'm an addict and you are my drug.

Dear Kat,

Gods, I miss you. It feels like forever, doesn't it? What scares me is that without pictures to help me, I'm starting to forget what you look like. What you sound like. That's really pathetic. I'm hoping that my parents will let me go to Tennessee this summer for a while. That would be so cool. I want to come sooner, I do, but Alice already wants me to go to Louisiana with her over spring break to visit her sister Jenny and Jenny's fiance, Steve. That's such a cool name.
I'm so happy you still think of me as your Katie baby. Normally I would strangle anybody who tried to call me that, but coming from you, I rather like it. But you said I remind you of you how you used to be. How is that? I'm not quite sure whether to be disturbed or complimented. Oh well. What matters is that we still talk.
I love you and I'll never ever stop being your Katie baby,
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