December 25th, 2004

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When we were together, i thought that i was in love with you. And even as people tell me i wasnt, and even as you tell me i wasnt. I was. And i told Dana that i dont love you anymore, and she said, "then you never were. you cant just stop love." of course you can. People are in love all the time and find new love. If you couldnt stop love than everyone would marry their first love. I still have love for you, but i dont love you anymore. You mean a lot to me still, and probably if ever needed ... i would do anything for you. I want you to be happy, i want you to find someone that makes you smile as much as you made me smile. Even when we would get in fights, and you would call me names ... i loved you. I never called you anything back because i would never want to hurt you...ever. I would never want to see you frown. Everytime i see you, my stomach still drops. I dont know why. I dont think i love you anymore. but only because i dont want to. In my heart, i will never forget your poems, your smile, your laugh, you. I wish that you could say the same. I used to love you, now i just have love for you. It's time to move one.
<3 Michaela
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Dear Friend,

I really hate it how you are so self-centered. I am starting to really DESPISE that characteristic in you. I found that your personality is just getting wrose and worse. And you know what .. all you ever talk about is yourself. Or things people say to you. Or how guys are always complimenting you. Self-confidence is good. But you go WAY beyond that. You are constantly complimenting yourself.. and people who get to know you relize that. and it pisses me off. The thing is so many people who don't hang out with you like I do .. don't see that.. and think you are so great. Whatever.

You know I used to think you were just happy about stuff, and then i was happy with you. But I relized that when I am really happy about something.. al you can do is start to tell me a story about HOWTHEHOTTESTGUYEVER is in love with you. Get over yourself, please.

I don't think this friendship is working.

your BFFFF,