December 19th, 2004

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[Dear Self]

You're doing it again. Secluding yourself from everyone. Why don't you just go? Is it because you don't want to see him? You can't do this. You're aware that you hide yourself whenever a relationship ends, a meaningful one, so why don't you try to change it? By not seeing him you're not making it any better. He said he wanted to be friends, how is that possible if he never sees you, and vice versa? You were so different a few days ago. How did you change so fast? You went from one extreme to the next. How do you not understand this? Or are you just trying to convince yourself it's not about him?

If it's not, what is it about? Are you just tired? You've been out a lot lately. Could that be it? Or is this just denial?

Why is it hitting you now, of all times? You can't go down to San Antonio like this. You can't give him any reason to believe you're not happy here. All he'll do is preach to you about how you should have moved with him, and how he told you it'd be like this.

But it's not. You're happy here. So start acting like it.

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i wish i could tell you

dear pat

i wish i could take back all i did to you and start over! i wish i could tell you i still like you and that i was stupid to let you go! i wish we could try again and i wish you wouldnt hate me! i would do ne thing to get you back if only ad a friend! i really did like you alot and i am truely sorry for everything! i beat myself up every day because of it!

love me
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I'm Lost..

Dear Hilary,

        Hilary you dont understand what its like to be me...You'll Never understand why i had to do what i did...revenge is a human mistake...We al make this seem as though it might be ok...but i know its truely wrong..but I still did it...i'm sorry..and that my friend you will never accept..which that very thing is what tears me apart...Jeff was not worth all and me were better off trusted me fast...why? I'm glad you did though...but now its going to be so hard to get you back..we were barley friends then what makes me  think that we'll be friends now..? Hum..well if you ever get this..think about us trying one more time..because that would be totally awesome!!


P.s Forgive and forget..?

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