December 18th, 2004


i had a feeling that those looks you gave me were real <3

dear you

you're the most adorable drunk person ever. you're so great &gorgeous to add to it. i dunno if you feel the same or as strongly but i don't care right now. i just like spending time with you [whenever i can]. they're like stolen moments. they're wonderful. i like random phone calls &random messages. thankyou for being on my wavelength. thankyou for being there.

all my like,
me x♥x
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Dear You,

I watch you. all the time. When I get the chance. When you stop by to chat with our mutual friend Katherine before classes start. During class changes. And sixth hour. Oh, sixth hour. You sit across the room from me. I sit in the back of the second row; you're in the second seat from the front in the fourth row. I've got the perfect spot to watch you from.

You're so elegant. I know it's odd of me to describe you as such, since you're a guy, but you are. I love your hands. They're so long and thin, made strong and nimble by years of playing the violin. Your hair is so silky and dark. And you're a lefty, like me. That's so cool.

But I'm not romantically interested in you. You're gay; I'm a lesbian. We're both Wiccan. It's like we were made to be friends with each other. But we're not.

Not yet, anyway.

The Quiet Girl in Your Sixth Hour World History Class
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Dear Walt,
:sighs: I wanted to hug you and kiss you today. You looked so good.. I wanted to tell you that I miss you.. that I miss being your friend. I wanted to tell you I wanted to be more than friends. I hate being shy. Ever since Lee told me what you said, I haven't gotten you off my mind. It's killing me.. [I like you again..] No.. I can't say it. I can't like you again! You tore my heart into pieces.. I don't want to deal with it again. You always have a place in my heart Walt..

Dear Kevin,
I miss you. ♥
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