December 17th, 2004

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Dear you,

If you happen to stumble upon this i'm sort of embarrassed, but then again i'm glad you did. I don't have to say your name because you know who you are. I know you thought i loved you, and your somewhat right. I didn't love you...because thats silly of course knowing our situation. But i did think i could fall IN love with you..and i was so close. I was almost there actually...and you knew that. You are the first guy that i put myself out there with. I actually told you HOW i felt and then you told me the things i wanted to hear...i didn't think you were capable of anything negative, because i believed in you. But now it's been a while...and i've snapped back into reality. I'm the only one putting effort into whatever we were/are. And i've noticed that you really don't give a shit about me...and why should you? i mean fuck you have a girlfriend for god sakes. And yes i knew about her the whole time...even before you mentioned her. I went along with your lies to see how it would go...what would happen. I should've realized long before that any person that cheats is not capable of love nevertheless loving ME. She is a very wonderful and lucky girl...and i was selfish to think that you might have chosen me over her. But duh sarra, life doesn't work like that. So bravo sweets, i've finally realized i don't need you anymore and that no boy will ever gain my trust (again). Goodbye forever.
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I <3 NY!

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Dear Brian,

I like you, and I know you like me. But we really need to get everything figured out about what we want and stuff. It's getting a little confusing now, and I don't want you to hurt me, because I've been hurt way too many times in the past. You really need to stop thinking about what others would think about the whole age thing. I mean, I know there's a major age difference between us, but seriously it shouldn't matter what others think of OUR relationship. It's about us. Not them. That is all!

<3 Meg
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wonka candy vs liquor

A look in the deep deep recesses of my soul....

You said something to me today,
and I wanted to just shove you away.
I no longer love you,
or anything you do.
You think that we're friends,
but our story has come to an end

You look at me,
and hope that a friend I see.
I laugh at you,
and most of what you do.
You're very dumb with friendships,
and even dumber with relationships.

I'm sick of you always hurting me,
so I should tell you just to let me be.
I keep believing in you, and that you'll change,
but your thought process won't rearrange.
I'm tired of hearing words come from you,
and I'm tired of hearing things that you like to do.

We broke up for a reason,
and even though this is the season,
for joy, and peace, and being nice,
I secretly wish you'd fall on the ice.
Nobody knows just how deeply I hate you,
and I'd like it better if you hated me too.

You're trying to hard,
and from my life, you, I'll discard.
I'm over everything.
And I know all that talking to you will bring.
Hurt, and pain,
and I don't want to put that burden on my brain.

We've fallen away from each other,
and I can't even look at you like a brother.
Thinking of you just makes me mad,
no longer does it make me glad.

-I hate you. Honestly, I wish you'd just drop off the face of the earth. But that'll never happen...

from, Christine
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Dear Self,
Why dont you work harder??
You are now going to lose the 3/4 lessons a week that you live for.
You total fucking failure.
Oh, but remember. NO complaining. you brought this upon yourself.
So fuck you.
And stop the crying too. Its starting to annoy me.
And find out if you really ARE 'depressed'. Yeah you heard me. GO AND FUCKING DO IT.
From Yourself.