December 16th, 2004

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Say something to me.
Say I'm fucking disgusting
and you'll never think about
dating me again. Say I'm annoying.
Say "us" was a mistake.


I've never done this to myself
before. Never. And this is all
happening because of you. Why
am I sticking around? I never
see've changed into
someone I don't even know.

When ever I'm around
always say something to make me
feel like I'm worthless. I feel
soo stupid. If I said the most
intelligent thing I could think of,
you still make me feel dumb.

I wish you missed me as much
as I miss you. You're all the way
over at Kettering, while I'm suffering
at Mott. Would we ever have broke up
if we went to the same high schools?
I wish I knew that answer.

I need something. I need a hug and
a kiss good-bye. Just fucking say
good-bye forever. Maybe it wouldn't
hurt this much...

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dear micheal

i think i still love you but i dunno what to do about it b/c you're still in love with holly and saying her name brings a bad taste in my mouth...i'll try to convince you later.

<3 Shan

Dear Barrett,

i know you don't like me and that we are good friends but i still have feelings for you..i'll see you at the dance tomorrow.

<3 Shan

(no subject)

dear you,

this is my first letter, since i have not many complaints-except for this. i love you. i still do. i broke up with you for distance, which now i find, isn't a factor in love. i would do anything for you, and i have given you hints, you are just to blunt to realize it.

i still love you. come back to me.

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