December 3rd, 2004

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Dear double- blocked classes,

I cant live without you. I need you back so bad. I took you for granted and now I realize how great you are. I miss you and need you back to survive my highschool years.



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dear self,
i know you want the fairytale romance, like peterpan and wendy dancing in front of the moon with all the faires, ........but you cant have it

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    peter pan-fairy dance

several thoughts and letters

Dear Christopher,
I find it hard to belive you. You have to know that i can no go back to you or our past friendships. You tell Debbie that you miss her too, and well that may be legit you seemed to get upset when I told you her and I had talked. She told me about that phone call too. I don't know what to tell you. You were nice and great and you were christopher to me. But so much has happened between us that it's not really worth it. Then this summer and the deal with ryan and then you going away to college. But somehow when you stopped by after breaking up with Emily I just wanted for you to reach out and hold me before you left. You offered up the suggestion that when we dated we never kissed much or not like you meant but you know if we started talking and I came down to visit you I seriously wouldn't be able to stay in your dorm. I don't think I could say no when I necissarily would need to. I don't know you make me want to curl up and sleep and just let you hold you did at the bowling ally or on the bus or at the movies. I just want to go back and yet I can not continue this.

the girl who remembers the inside jokes.

Dear Ryan,
We haven't talked for a while and it feels more natural this time. it wasn't a consicence desicison it was more a natural course of action. I once needed you and depended on you now it's just a curious thought about what your upto and if you're happy. I wish you the best of luck and wonder about what's going on in with your college decisions. I hope you get into MIT and then the program at MIT you were hoping for.
On the other hand I'm worried about seeing you tomorrow. i feel myself competeing with you at everything I do and as such I would like you to never tell me your score on a standardized test or during academic team meets. It hurts to never know what's going on but tomorrow will be weird. In a way I hope you aren't there but then I'll constantly wonder were you are instead. I hope nothing happens between us in the future that will make you have any regrets. May the conversations remain casual and may you IM me first sometime.
Did you know that you have still never driven me anywhere. I wonder who it is that you do drive someplace and if you will remain safe...random thought.

the former best friend to say the least.

Dear A-team,
May we win tomorrow,
the only girl who constantly shows up
P.S I'm bringin donuts tomorrow

Dear Ex-Step Mom
You are absolutely rediculous. do you know how screwed up you are making my half-br4other. he doesn't deserve your insane thoughts and radical parenting skills. You claim all these things against my father. what about the fact that in one weekend at the house you liverd in I would litterly lose 3-4 punds. That's one weekend and tha'ts not normal. Your house was like a starvation diet for little kids. Have you ever wondered why Noah's hieght and weight do NOT correspond to each other. he is one of the skinniest little kids I've seen in a while...any how that's another story. So then I'm drawn to the fact about my sister. i don't care if you hate her as a person you have no, make sure you notice that NO right to take away my half-brothers half sister. He is related by blood to her and if you didn't qwant that then it's your fault for lieing about birth control and having an unplanned pregnancy first. GRRRRRRRRRRRR you are an IDIOT...Psychotic...INSANE...grammatically incorrect...person and should be ADVISE that you need help. Advise is used how you used it in your letter.

your former step daughter...The one you didn't take to court