November 30th, 2004


Me, Myself, and I

What the fuck is up with you? You're a skinny, underweight, ugly, heartless, hypocritical bitch. You make fun of those people like you're some sort of demigoddess. Well let me tell you, you're not perfect. You're not. And what's all this self-injury you've been doing? With a goddamned safety pin? You're pathetic. You want to hurt yourself but you're afraid of anything sharper than your precious safety pin. You keep it in a box on your nightstand, for gods' sake! Get it together, bitch. You're ruining your life.

I know I'm not perfect, thanks for reminding me. And who are you to call me all those names? Take a look in the mirror. Yeah, you're seeing right. It's you. It's me. It's us. So don't go pinning labels on me; you're pinning them to yourself. And I can't use a razor, if that's what you're none-too-gently implying. I can't slide my skin right open like that and make long cuts that bleed and are hard to hide. We live in Florida, in case you'd forgotten. For me to wear long sleeves in this weather would scream of secrets and lies and guilt and shame. I only need little drops of release, not a lot. But if you think you can do it with a razor, go ahead. Slit my wrists, your wrists, our wrists. I bare my wrists to you. Just remember: cut vertically down the arm, not horizontally across the wrist, and leave them under running water so the blood won't clot. Well? I'm waiting. Aren't you brave enough?
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    I Hate Everything About You- Three Days Grace

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Dear Me,
Why do you do this to yourself? Your just making things worse and worse. The more you do it the more your spiral into depression,your making things worse for yourself. Whats up with you?!
You think it makes things better and it makes you FEEL better for a bit but then you just feel worse,the more you do it,the more your mind is fucked around.

Dear Willpower,

Lisa xxx

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Dear you,

I love the way you make me feel, but I can't tell if what you are telling me is real. They are, after all, just words on a screen. Your voice sounded sincere though. I hope so. Because. God. How I want you... I can't wait till Spring Break. I have been counting down...

<333, Your Supergirl.