November 23rd, 2004

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dear anyone,

pain is something everyone goes through? but why...why do the people we love and care for go through pain, a pain someone can never stop?
pain is uncontrollable. its a disease that spreads out of love only because when we know our friends or family is in pain, it worries us. causing us pain. it hurts us to know that someone we know is being hurt and we can't stop it. we can try to tone it down, but pain never fully leaves us.
it leaves a mark in all of our hearts, just as a memory of something that hurt so bad.

but if were always holding remains of something hurtful in our pasts, then are we ever really and truly happy? how can i be happy if i know that someone i love has never fully cured from something that hurt?
and what if i had put the pain there? it kills me to know that one of my friends is in pain, but it kills me even more to know i put that pain there. and it will always stay there, slowly fading away, but kept there as a constant reminder of what happened.

i don't want to be done with this, but asking myself "why?" won't get me anywhere, because we will never know "why?". we can only guess.

- laurie

I HeartYou

dearest shawn,

you know how long weve been going out to the exact hour and its adorable, kind of. and you tell your friends to IM me and i dont know who they are and its adorable, kind of. you say you miss me tons even after you left my house like, 2 hours ago and its adorable, kind of. all this adorable shit is exactly that, shit. i cant stand the stuff you do and how your 'hardcore' and 'straight edge' and how you try to convert me to these things and make me a girl version of your self. you dont like it how i hit you in your face and dont say sorry. sometimes on rare occasions you kiss me in a certain spot and i feel in love, but then you talk or move or something, and it makes me restent you even more. and in case you havent notcied, i like richard. and scottie, oh my love scottie, shes great...and tommy, i like tommy too. i hope your not crying now. ill stay with you until next school year, i promise you that.

p.s.- hope i didnt hurt your feelings too much, but in case i didnt here ya go: its not me, its you.

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Why did you have to leave me? I really miss you. I would give everything i own just to speak to you again for just an hour. You mean so much to me its unbelievable </3. I really needed you and i still do. But you can't come back. All i can do is pray...I love you so much it hurts. Mum misses you like mad and doesnt stop talking about you <3 Your loved so much and your needed so much...If only you could come back </3 Lisa xxxx