November 12th, 2004

I can remember parking lot nights...

You seemed really great when I first met you.
everything that I want in a guy.
So I guess you liked me too. You did ask me out.
It was wonderful the first couple of weeks.
The sweet emails, you calling me sweetie,
us talking forever.
I loved that.
However, the way I see it, I'm nothing
more than just a marvelous "booty call".
I hate this.
You told me "I love you", and I
naively believed you.
Now all you want is my hand down
your freakin pants.
What the hell is up with that?
I do love you.
I did love you.
I loved you when you were sweet.
I loved you when I thought there was truth.
Now you're just some guy who wants "some".
Hell, you want all of it.
I thought you were better than that.
I'm not even going to end this with "love always".
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(no subject)

Well you, hmm.. -anyone?

How come.. when i start to think of the worst,
the best happens?


...and i fall for you even harder.


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    "the boy who blocked his own shot"-brand new

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dear pat,

please stop asking me when im going to cali to see you. im not going to. you also make me uncomfortable when you call me babe and sweetheart and tell me im pretty. i have a boyfriend and even if you think those things, i believe its wrong for you to say them since im not single. please stop. i dont want to hear how you're coming to new york either. it somewhat scares me.

dear frankie,

it seems that you like me but you're so confusing. i just want to be friends, thats it. but i dont want to talk to you if you're going to be stupid and i will call you out on it. i have before and you cant make me stop that. you come to work every tuesday after you get out of class and just stand there talking to me. i even get you to do work for me when you're not getting paid to do so. if you like me, i dont understand why since all i tell you to do is shut up since most things you say are stupid and unreasonable.

dear dave,

i love you completely. the past year you have changed so much. you really have proved how you became better for me as you put it. when you told me you'd be better, i didnt know if it was just something stupid that most guys say or if you really meant it. now i know you really meant it. i am so in love with you and cant imagine my life with out you. im truly forever yours <3
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