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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Monday, November 8th, 2004

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I don't think you realize that it took me practically a month to write out what I wanted to say in your cardCollapse )

I haven't felt like myself for a long while. I've been scared, moody, and nostalgic for parts of a by-gone relationship that were easier than the coresponding parts of our own, and I felt like the worst girlfriend in the world for thinking some of the things I was thinking.

Then came our two month anniversary on Saturday. The two days before, where we had to have multiple conversations about each of our prefered level of romance, smoothed the anxious winkles from my forehead. Someday far in the future, I'll be the old woman who always looks happy, and you'll have played a large part in that. The date was wonderful, from the start, where we had both dressed up (in coordinating colors no less), to the middle where you picked out a restaurant with a great atmosphere and fabulous food, to the end, when I lost the pillow fight but you decided to quit and let me say I won. Everything was a perfect balance of silliness and romance, and it reminded me exactly why we are together in the first place.

In two short months, I have found myself in love with you.

dear devin,
angels fall without you here.

~the nameless

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