November 7th, 2004


a whole bunch, just thinking today

Dear Parents,
I wish you could understand. No, I wish you'd try. But you don't. You just assume you're right. 'Cause you're the adults. 'Cause I'm the kid. 'Cause you guys are older. You don't look at my side at all. Always agreeing with each other.
Two words, my darling parents.
Fuck you.
Your Lovely Daughter
Dear Brittany,
I have no clue who you are. But I want to get to know you. I wonder if you want to know me too. We should ask Chris.
Dear God,
Change is so hard.
Dear Kim,
I miss you.
Love waddles,
Dear Andrew,
Hard to imagine we were good friends at one time. You've changed so much in the past year. Perhaps I have as well. I wish we weren't so awkward. I miss you, and all our jokes.
Dear Scott,
You're the epitome. You are the center to all the friendships that have sprouted. I wish ours were stronger. I miss you too.
Dear Noa,
How can I love you so much, yet hate you so hard? You make me sick with your words. I never know when you mean them. I want to be your best friend, the one you share your secrets with. I wish you'd open up.
Dear Chris,
Still missing you.
Love Always,
Your Kari
Dear Heart,
The emotion is so overwhelming sometimes. All I want to do is break down and cry.
Dear Mind,
Shut up. Thank you.
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dear anthony-
its almost been 2 months since we broke up and i hate it. Your the worst thing in my life and i cant believe at the stuff you say about me. you say im a dumbass when your the one failing and i get all a's. you say im a slut when everyone knows yoru the one who wanted to have sex with mea nd i NEVER did. then you say im ugly and fat and thats why you dumped me. your not so slim yourself. i hate you and your friends there all assholes. i hate the way you said that when we broke up you tried to be my friend but I didn't try hard enough. thats bullshit your the one who was talking shit about me. i wish you knew how i felt. i hate everything about you but i cant get over our past. every moment i think of you and i wish i didn't cause you make me sick.

</3 molly. can anyone help me.
&amp;hearts; __i sew myself shut

(no subject)

For L.A. ~
On top of everything else,
life comes and kicks you in
the ass even harder. If you
ever need someone to talk to,
just call me and I'll listen for
Don't beat yourself up over
everything, okay?

Don't worry about Christmas this
year, it won't be as bad as
you think it will; I promise.

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dear john,

you made me the happiest person ever. what happened?
i loved you. i still do. i always will. and that's what
you told me. how could your feelings change? you've made
a permanent hole in my heart that can't be filled.

i miss you.

the girl whose heart you broke.

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It kills me to know that you are dating my best friend. Yeh I’m glad you two are happy.. but I’m not exactly glad that you’re happy with each other. Why couldn’t you have been happy with me? I was always trying to make you happy.. That’s all I ever wanted, was to be the one who could make you happy. Your happiness meant more to me than my own life did, back when you were depressed. I tried so hard just to make you smile.. But you couldn’t have been happy with me because I am nothing. I am nothing special, nothing important, nothing. Just a girl who was and is fully and completely inlove with you. A girl who is inlove with your smile, your personality, your sense of humor, your everything. You are everything to me. I would surely give my life for yours on any given day, at any given time, in a heartbeat, and without a second thought.
I love you, Ryan..
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