November 2nd, 2004

Masuimi Max

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I question love a lot. Especially our love. I think it is specifically my love for you. Nothing is what I am used to, not you, not this place, not the demands of the school, least of all myself. How are you supposed to recognize me if I can barely recognize myself?

Somedays I don't think you listen to me. At the very least, you don't know what I need you to respond to and when I need you to just be quiet. Last night, when I was reminiscing about all those long years and hours of ballet, you just turned to me and said, "i'm a guy, I don't care about ballet." when you shouldn't have been focused on the ballet part, but the remorse I was feeling for having quit so abruptly. I was nearly in tears and you said that. If you were trying to get back at me for something stupid I said, you did it very well.

Then there are times like tonight where you tell me that you're planning out a big romantic gesture. Great. watch my excitment never happen. I don't like those. They make me uncomfortable. You think it's because I have never recieved them. Maybe that is partially true, but I know full well that I cannot do anything to reciprocate it. I would rather have a simple gesture than anything big.

Don't try to fix me, baby. I am fine and dandy as I am. If there are any problems, it will someday boil down to relationship incompatability. That is a note to end on.

So we'll end with this.

Hear me, please. Listen and take note. Learn which words are heartily meant and which are half-ass attempts at opinion.

If you can do that, we will never have a worry.
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Go, minions! GO NOW!

I know everyone's hearing this a lot, but if you have the power to vote, excersise that power. The last election was won by 537 votes. It's imperative that everyone vote.

I don't care if politics aren't your thing. Talk to people, get informed, and vote.

Thank you.

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Dear Dean,

Well, my ties are gone, and I now have nothing holding me back from being completely in love with you. Freedom is nice, other boys are nice, but YOU are perfect. You are also in love with someone else. And that totally sucks for me. I wish you knew how much I care about you and that I would do anything to be with you. You are my ideal person, the person I wish I could be. I wish on everything I have that one day we can be together. Until then, I hope you're happy, and I wish the very best for you.

Stay pussin sonic.