October 30th, 2004

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Dear Robster,
I really miss the old you. When we'd flirt, laugh together and have fun. Now you're just so morbid and sad. Remember when we'd have little plays on AIM? hah. Those were always fun. I love you so much. You're a great friend and I hate to see you sad and hurt. I'm not sure why exactly you're acting this way but whatever it is, I wish I could take it away.
I love you,

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Dear Boyfriend,
Lately I can quote you almost everyday ,both in conversation and the notes you've wriiten me saying, "Are you sure you don't hate me" and "Are you mad at me." I feel like i'm coming off towards you like a huge jerk. Even though I've chatted with you about this you insist i've done nothing wrong, I think you're just being polite. I just want you to know, I just have a problem with thinking before I speak and it's been so terribly long since i've had anyone I've actually cared about and want to give affection to. I can be an asshole of the grandest kind, I hate it, because you are so wonderful.
I remember the first time I met you, well actually met you because I was briefly introduced to you last year at the pancake breakfast but; the first time I actually met you was when I talked to Liz on the seconed day of school. You and her were sitting at the circular table closest to the door that leads to the outside. I'm glad she introduced me to you cause then we started talking and then we wrote notes to eachother and then eventually you asked me out. You were so cute when you asked me out. Wow I loved it. I also love the notes you write me.I like writing you back too, it's so grand. I have them all kept inside my chuck taylor box. They make me happy. I love knowing someone likes me, I love it.
Back to what I was saying before though, I don't hate you. I'm going to get better at this I promise. You're not just a way for me to kill time, this time I want things to work so wonderfully.I adore you so much. Hopefully this is only the begining and we have tons more time together.
Lessthan<3three.!//love you,

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...just something lame I wrote ..

I'm as helpless as a thousand vacant hospital beds
hundreds of letters addressed to you but will never be sent
a broken heart that refuses to mend
denying the truth of a misunderstood lie
kissing the lips of falsity and letting the tears run dry
it rains when you're gone
and the sun doesn't shine when you're here
living in a state of hopelessness is what I feared
I was a fool to have trusted in your every move
so I'll pay the price in scars and stitches
a shattered heart broken into a million pieces
but this is what you get for falling so fast
into a desired love that never lasts

Dear Jack,
I just want you to know that someone has finally fallen for me, and I think I'm falling for him too. But forever you'll always be in my heart because you were my first love ... Carly xoxo


Dear Lee,
i dont think its working :/
I want to be beautiful not hot or fit
I wanna be funny not just a laugh
I think im asking too much
I never wanna talk to you anymore, and i can see this is a fucking pattern.
I was doing this with Liam and i did it with Alec and now im doing it to you
Im sorry my dear
You just dont mean anything to me
So its the classic 'its not me it you' line coming in to play
but it is me, im sure youre gonna be brilliant for someone else
You are a cool guy seriously
Now the only desicion i have to make is when to tell you, how to tell and if i want to mess with your head in the meantime
I just want to be beautiful
im sorry
From your to-be-ex,
Beth XxX
can someone help me here ive never had to dump anyone before and i wanna avoid using the 'its not you its me' line
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