October 28th, 2004

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there's just some things in this world i feel that  i cant tell you. i know you say tell me everything  and that i can go to you for everything, but theres just something  i want to tell you and i jjst feel im gonna waste my time telling you.
i just want to know certain things about your past that younever seem to talk about. i have a right to be curious,and sometime i feel that im afriad to tell you.  i know that im overly jealous, i know i want to know everything and im sorry.
i have so much i want to say, so much i want to express, but i feel that ill only get you mad and i dont want to get you mad. you mean so much to me and i just cant imagine my life withoiut you and i know that you love me with all your heart bc thats how i feel about you.
please dont be angry with me baby, i want  so much to spend forever with you. ill try to control my curiousty and my excessive jealousybc its just smething i have to learn on my own. i dont want to upset you and i dont want to risk losing you. im so so sorry baby. i am forever in love with you. its just sometimes i want yo hear you and have you express things to me without you getting upset and pulling out the 'you dont believe me' card.
ill love you forever baby and no matter what all my belief and trust forever lies in you. i promise you forever. thanks for holding me forever in your heart baby. ill always keep you locked in mine.

love you forever