October 26th, 2004

(no subject)

we woke up to what we thought was the sun rising
when really it was the passing of cars
heading to the hospital
to witness the birth of a new criminal
someone with the prettiest blue eyes
who'd steal your heart away
baby, you have to know this world is cold
it's not nearly as loving as the place where you rested for te past 9 months
and no one is going to be here to hold you like they do now
rest assured that you'll never be safe anywhere
you'll forget what they told you that day in the delivery room
and you'll grow up giving your heart and breaking others
living your life in pain and hurting ones you love
but that's what we all do, that's what our purpose is
truth is that no one remembers what they told us that day
and the ones who love us are afraid to remind us
knowing that we'd feel sorry for ourselves and the ones we hurt
so each day is the passing of a new criminal
and more lies are added to the storyboard of our impure lives
Loser, Love You


I'm tired of being alone. I'm so sick of it. When I look at you I can't believe how great we are. You, me, and him are like the three musketeers... except they didn't fight like we do... and they didn't have a weird chick. *sigh* You guys are my two favorite boys and I love you to death. But YOU, I'm too close to you. You've become a boyfriend substitute and my best friend. I hate that! I'm sad that you're leaving but maybe this will force me to look for something... some one better. Something real. I'm sick of coming over and just playing house. It's going to be the best and worst thing ever to happen to me when we move in together. *jumps up and down* I need a boyfriend... no a companion, a soulmate... I know it sounds stupid but it's what I need right now. Maybe without you around, guys will come up to me a clubs when I go out... instead of being scared of you. Honey, I love you dearly.

Don't forget, I'll always be yours (even though you're not mine)