October 24th, 2004

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dear mike,

i don't know how to say this, proving that you aren't the only one who's bad with words. i'll start by saying that last night was beautiful. that i think you're a great guy, very sweet, and thanks for being cold out in the rain talking to me. you're not an asshole for liking alison. i know that you feel like crap for some reason, but you shouldn't. these things happen all the time.
thanks for giving me your coat, it was freezing outside.
i guess what i want to say is that i don't want to be your fallback, like i am right now, but i would rather be that than nothing. i wish you didn't like alison, and i don't mean to wish things against you, but i wish that you fall apart instantly, because i like you.
you know me so well and you don't at the same time. like when you caught me crying, i thought you wouldn't be able to tell because it was raining.
i wish that i was standing out in the rain in your coat in your arms again. there is something there. i like you and you like me, and i hate that there is a roadblock, and i hate that there's another girl, and i wish that this would just work out, because it could. i want to just scream at you, "don't date alison, date me!" but i can't. she likes you.
maybe as much as i like you.
please come back to me.

love, carly

your love is a verb here in my room.


your name will remain anonymous because i want everything you are to remain a secret to the world in fear of losing something so perfect and so amazing.  you've made my life so incredible by ways you dont even understand. 

when i see you, my heart beats faster, and my mind races with all the sexual and indecent exposures i know we'll share later on in the night. I love being close to you, i love your smell and i love that i have no clue how to handle these feelings i have for you. I have no idea how to love you and how to care for you, but its as if you know i need you. You know i need you to show me how to love you.

you know exactly how to love me. you've shown me feelings that i've never experienced before. none of this includes the physical aspect of your love.

this is the one area of our relationship that i know how to control. I know the ways you want me and the moves and touches to turn you on. you know exactly how to bring me to extacy every time. your sex is amazing and i never want it to end. I think my body falls asleep before im ready to stop touching you.

I wake up next to you, and kiss your back because i cant lay next to something so gorgeous without showing you how amazing and incredible you make me feel. you've taken me to a whole new level of serenity. and i just wanted to thank you for everything.

you are my soul mate and i would be so lucky as to spend the rest of my life with you

love, Samantha

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