October 21st, 2004

Sassy Luna

(no subject)

My lazy handwriting knows the shape of your name perfectly. Sometimes I think better then it knows my own. It knows how to force it hardly into the inoccent paper when you get upset with me, how to add those cute little hearts when you call. It knows to write softly after we've been kissing, it knows cursive when I'm sad. It can pick up my thoughts, the things I can't tell you. It says the those words I don't. My handwriting knows me more then I know myself, and I know this because of your name.

The name I've called out, screamed, whispered, cried. The name that still gives me chills when I hear someone say it. The name that graces my papers countless times. The name that can comfort me, upset me, and make me feel loved all at once.

Your name.

The name my hand knows better then anything, and I wouldn't have it anyother way.