October 17th, 2004

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Dear Ryan,

I hope you're still alive, and able to make conversation after 6 weeks in boot camp.

We all miss you back home, why haven't you given us any word yet?

Mrs. Muir gave me a picture of you, and it has become my most prized posession. Along with your leather jacket.

All our friends have tried to help me through this, but the only person I want to help me right now is you.

If you even want to talk to me, that is.

I still love you, no matter what was said.

And I hope you still love me back, even though you said you didn't.


what do you think...

There's this boy, right? And it makes my day just to see this one boy smile. The lower he whispers the higher I get, you know? He says the most amazing things that no one else even thinks to say. And I knew in the moment he held me, that he alone could break me. He controls the beating inside me and the pulse that drives me on. I knew he could tear me apart with just a look. That he could turn my apathy into incontestable emotion. He could shatter that emotion into a thousand pieces to be strewn across for miles. And I knew just looking at him that he could. But when I saw him smile and take my hand, I knew this boy wouldn't. He wouldn't...

Right ?
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so many things to say...

dear ___,
you seem like you dont want to talk to me anymore. i dont know why. what the hell did i do to you? all i tried to do was be there for you and now its like you ignore me until you need to ask about something. the best part is, i dont even care much that i dont talk to you anymore. it hasnt really affected me. i do hope that you are okay though. just next time dont call me crying and tell me you have no one when i was there for you all along. somehow i think ill still be there if you do call me crying. i dont know why because you simply dont deserve it. but i will be. its too hard not to be.

dear frankie,
sometimes you are extremely nice and can carry on a conversation. other times you're playful and easy going. then you just turn into a complete jerk within minutes or you get angry but nothing happened for you to. i dont understand but i will call you out on it. i already told you today that you're a jerk and i really dont like you anymore. then you decided to suck up. i understand you're upset because all of the things with your ex girlfriend. you just dont need to be a jerk to me about it. im just trying to get to know you and be friends since we do work together. but if you're going to act like that, it wont happen.

dear whoever you are,
i dont know your name, what grade you're in, or anything about you. only the fact that you smoke, drink, and do drugs. i dont understand why you have to lie to me about everything. if you want my help, thats not the way to get it. i really dont even know why i bother helping you.

dear sam,
i miss talking to you in math. the class has become boring. next to you it was somewhat entertaining.

dear steph,
i dont know if something was wrong but you seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder. maybe you were having a bad day or we all were. hopefully you're okay with everything thats been going on.

dear anyone reading,
i've been changing and miss how i used to be. i miss what i used to do. please pray for me. i need it. thanks <3

always, lee
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Dear members,

I'm so sorry for not posting my letters in a while. I keep getting busier and busier. Not that you enjoy reading my soap opera of a life, but still. I haven't participated enough.



Dear self,




Dear Milan,

I crushed your ass during our debate. I wish you'd admit it so I would feel like I did something great.



Dear Ryan,

Can we forgive and forget? I'm hurt because you're hurt. And you're hurt because I hurt you.

I'm sorry..
Abby Dabby


Dear world,




Dear Jathan,

Give it up. Yuo flirt constantly, and even thoguh you can turn me a flushed red by complimenting me doesn't mean I like you. It just means I can't take compliments well. Please stop. I've told you that I don't like you. You said even though you knew I wasn't interested that you would continue.

That's really stupid.

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I'm tired of recalling all of the smiles that made sense
and all of the stares the turned my stomach inside out
every hug that numbed my arms and warmed my heart
these memories make me so vunerable , so finish me off
all it takes is a simple kiss , to break every bone in my body
the only thrill you've wanted was to kill
this is close enough to it, breaking hearts is homicide
you'll turn the lights down low, because it's dusk now
and you always said I looked prettier in the reflection of the sunset
you'll cherish the way my blood looks on your hands
shimmering in the last moments of sunlight before it becomes night
you turned the lights out and left a lifeless soul mangled on the floor
knowing that you'll never regret what you did to me
but you'll never forget that I'd always give you a second chance

....even if it killed me, I'd give the world to you. My love for you is so true and you could careless if it would be the purest you'd ever recieve because you'll never return it. But it'll never be too late if you realized that my love for you is real ... because I'll always give you a chance, forever indefinitely ... xoxo Carly
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looking down

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Dear Heart,
Stop breaking.
Is it wrong to believe that no boy you ever like will like you in return?
I think so.
It's not the end of the world.
You'll get over it soon.
Don't worry.
Love, Brain.
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Dear ___:

I don't know why I let you get to me. I really shouldn't, I really want to remain the "bigger" person, but sometimes I just want to yell at the top of my lungs that you aggrivate me so much. One week we'll all be great, laughing together and having a good time, and other weeks it's like you've turned against us and we're your worst enemy. I don't get it. I wish you'd learn to let go of the little things, it would really make everyone a lot happier. Okaythanksbye.

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