October 10th, 2004

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Dear Mike,

Why did I see you yesterday? Why did you have to be at the show too? I finally stopped thinking about you.. got you out of my mind, and there you were. Why did you have to be there the same time as me?! :sighs: What is my heart trying to tell me?.. Who knows.. maybe its destiny. Its a big coincedence you were there the same time as me. You were the LAST person I was expecting to see. All I know, is that I must stop thinking about you. I've thought about you ever since I saw you yesterday..


P.S... by the way, Happy Belated Birthday Mike.
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To every 'friend' I have,

You are my 'friend.' Basically, you call yourself my 'friend' but you'd ratehr hang out with someone happier.

I can understand that. I wouldn't want to hang out with myself if I was you. But I'm not. I'm me. And I STILL have to hang out with me. Go figure.

After the agruement of a lifetime, it seems clear that my friend count is 0.

Yep. 0.

But you know, that's a lot less people to buy presents for at Christmas, and I wasn't going to have a birthday this year anyway.


Sad thing is, I made a plan for the Christmas season about 6 hours before the arguement.

I'm going to get Jonj a Ziggy Stardust hoodie that I found on eBay. And find a hoodie or somethign for Furri. Then get Ms. Lioi to give them to you during some period. Hopefully not telling them it was me, even though I'd hopefully got her promise not to.

I haven't decided if I am going to write you both letters.

Most likely letters of apology and how much you mean to me even after all that was said in both directions.

I still want to go through with it too. I'm a sad clingy bitch.

You probably wouldn't think it was me at all, unless I wrote the letters.

There doesn't seem much hope for any friendship I had prior to this weekend. Now I don't have any.

I'm to blame of course. I always fuck up things.

I guess this is just my sincerist apology that probably doesn't amount to a thing with anyone who reads this letter.

I'm sorry I bothered you with my exsistance.

The bagel in this cookie world,

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