September 26th, 2004

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Dear Graves,

Auditions are this week. Tuesday, from 4-6, Wednesday, 4-6:30, and Thursday, 4-6. That's over 130 people auditioning for about give or take 15 parts.

Not only do people have to have acting skill, but they must fit a certian height. So that the dad is the tallest, and Jackie is the shortest. And everyone else fits in from oldest to youngest. Each younger one just that much shorter than whose the the right of them.

The chances of me, a 5"6/7 with some acting skill, getting into this play is somewhat slim. The odds are more in my favor because most of the taller/more advanced actors are already in Mother Courage and Her Children. Not to mention I'm a highschooler auditioning, meaning I have priority over 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. There are a lot of them trying out. And you only need four. There will be plenty of hearts broken.

Please don't let one of them be mine.

I asked you flat out if I auditioned what part you'd like for me. My heart soared when you said Anne.

It would be so wonderful if I could get her. But at this point, I just want to be in a school play. To be performing. Doing something. And you know this.

You've seen me act in class. You like my acting as well. I will give my all to the 5 minutes when I'm auditioning.

Just please don't break my heart.

Your student,
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I love you. I wish you felt the same way. I wish you didn't just talk to me when it was convenient for you. You kinda treat me badly, but I still like you. It's puzzling. There's just something about you. I just wish I could have a chance with you. I could lose myself in those gorgeous green eyes forever. <3 :(




I want to be yours again. I've changed. I wish you'd see that. You don't know how bad it hurts to see you in the halls, and walk past me. Don't even look my way.. don't make eye contact.. don't smile.. don't say hi. It hurts. I wish you were mine again. I would give anything for that to happen.

I miss you.. oh so much.

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