September 24th, 2004

(no subject)

dear anthony-
after 6 months of us going out you break up with me for some girl who has a boyfriend. she doesn't even like you. i dont understand how you just forgot about me. we have such a great past and you just threw everything we had away. you told me you loved me but you obviously didn't. you treat me like shit and you dont understand that you are killing me. so then i finally get the chance to talk about my problems with you and then you go behind my back and tell people that im fucking annoying! you tell me that your sorry but you are trying to forget about me. you tell me that our kisses didn't mean anything to you anymore. your a liar! everything you say is a lie. if you honestly loved me then you wouldn't be so cold and insensitive to me. i hate you for all the shit you put me through. i hope you feel bad and i hope you hate yourself for this.

can anyone relate to me. i need some help please.

</3 molly