September 18th, 2004

Masuimi Max

(no subject)

"so let my hands stray past the boundaries on your back to get you breathing and get this started"

hey darlin,

happy birthday. Last night reminded me of a million wonderful things about you, things that matched my habits, things that I simply like, and then you had to go and remind me of the thing you do that annoys me.

I know you say whatever it is that is on your mind, whatever follows the last thought, but when it comes to me, sometimes you should keep things to yourself. I don't like feeling like you expect me to be physically perfect for you, I like to do it for you because I want to. I'm a lot like you in that way that if someone tells me what to do I suddenly decide not to do it. If you start making me self-concious we're going to be over within a very short time and I don't want that. Please honey, relearn your behavior pattern, at least for with me. thanks

love- Kiddo