September 15th, 2004

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Sing like you think no one's listening

I'm new. This is my first post. Comments are always awesome. <33


Dear _____,

Over the summer it seemed like we were really close. I could tell you anything and not worry about what you would think. We'd spend hours on the phone just talking about everything we had to say. But now that school has started, I don't know what's going on anymore. You rarely answer your phone anymore. You barely even talk to me anymore. We've probably only said hi to each other about 3 times in the 2 1/2 weeks we've been in school. I really miss having someone like you to talk to. I feel really comfortable with you and I wish you would talk to me like you used to. I love you.

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Dear self,

You've fucked up a lot lately.

And you just keep fucking up.

Now you are worth nothing. You have lost friends. You have no life. You have NOTHING at all.

Your day would've been better spent in hell.

If you're gonna fuck up, do it on accident. Or atleast with no knowledge of danger.

But then again you aren't that normal are you. You're paranoid about everything.

You're a fucking mistake and waste of oxygen.

I hope you don't wake up tomorrow.


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Dear You,

I just want you to know that I think I really want you to come.I think you should. We want you to.

And even if you don't,

I will always leave the light on for you.

Masuimi Max

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My dearest Darlin'.

You amaze me. I've known you for such a short time and yet you get it. You get everything. Everytime you say things like "I love that smile of yours" all I hear is "I love you". I'm so sorry I can't get myself to vocally say I love you, but you know I do. It will happen. I have every intention of staying with you until I can and longer.

thank you. You do know how wonderful you are and I love that about you.

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