September 12th, 2004

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Just can't help but think what good can it give me....

Im so tire of thinking about him. Im such a coward.
I get all shakey around him, I run out of words.
I become someone that I really am not like.
Trying hard to keep a smile is to much to ask when Im around him.

Stupid, yes.

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Dear Dan,

Stop being an ass. Ask me to homecoming already. We both know that you want to. We both know that I want you to. Stop dancing around it, and go in for the kill.

You can't possibly doubt that I'd say yes. You're not stupid, Dan. In fact, you're one of the smartest people I know. So stop doing this. You're driving me crazy. You're driving yourself crazy. I can see it.

Stop being a prat. You know how I feel about you, even if I haven't told you yet.

Love from,
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being alone.

What's going on?

Dear eddie,
i really like you i mean you like all the same stuff i like, you make me laugh & smile when i dont feel good, you gave me goosebumps that one day, we never fight about anything at all, you just make me really happy & you're the only person i want to be with right now but i dont know what's going on with you because you tell me you love me but sometimes you dont show me that vibe.. i miss you a lot can you just .. tell me how you feel?

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I felt better after writing this.

Dear assholes,

You don't know what the hell you're talking about. You are just petty highschoolers who like to pick on me for no reason at all. So I blocked your asses. You have no access to me at all. Yet you still complain on my LJ. I'm about --- that close to reporting you.

In a cookie world, you all are burnt. You're bitter bitches who can't seem to grasp the truth at all. You claim I don't have a hard life, or have nothing to be depressed about. Well hello! Do you think I even TRUST your "caring" enough to tell you??

Can I get a HELL NO?!

God. You people make me sick. I left lunch because I can't take you anymore. I blocked you on AIM and on LJ. Leave me the hell alone. You don't want me at your parties. You don't want me anywhere near you. So stop bothering me!

It was enough that he broke up with me. But I blew my top when he started going out wtih her. And then you turn it on me saying I'm the crazy bitch for being pissed!

You typical highschoolers. You're rebel wanna-bes. You're prep posers. And you fucking make me sick.

Rot in hell,
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Dear United States of America population,

Bush's IQ is that of 120. Meaning it's higher than 90% of you who are reading this. Which is why over 50% of you VOTE for him.

Granted he still is a better choice than Gore. But in the up coming elecions, he's clearly the worst choice in this situation.

The last respectable president we had was clearly Raegen.

If they find Osama right before elections I'm moving out of the US. Can't you see Bush is a corrupted son of a bitch?

He wants to track us all. Then send us all to war. Well what about the US? Don't we need protection too?? He claims that we all are safe. But with the amount of troops in Iraq, how can we? Then with the rest of them at airports.

Can you really be that dense? Do you honestly think they will high-jack a plane again? Hell no they won't. They are too smart for that. Honestly.

I'm not saying Kerry is any better, but I hope he won't be sending us to war for stupid reasons. Terrorism isn't just in Iraq. That's just where they were from when we got attacked. But no one cares if other places get attacked. It's not us. So we'll fight our bad guy while more of them are out there plotting against you.

The government is stupid.

And ours happens to be corrupted and disfunctional as well.

Thanks for your "contributions,"
Dabby O_o

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Is it werid for me to think about you as much as i do? So many things make me think of you. I must be a fucking pysco because i've only been around you about 8 times, but when I first saw you I liked you automaticly, no even before i saw you, i liked you when i called Kym Rock and you answered the phone and said my guitar lesson will be with you today. I could tell by your voice you would be a cutie! So the second i walked in and saw you standing behind the deskmy heart fluttered, then you smiled and then my heart just went bezeeeeeeeeeeerk.

The sad thing is I could tell you liked me at first also, but you asked me how old i was (15.) and you said "You're going to be a freshman this year" and i said yeah and then it was like your attraction left because i was young. You're only a Senior, is that a huge diffrence. I wish you could look over the age thing (if you are even looking at it) because honestly, theres more to me than my age and i personaly think i am mature and i'm told constantly i look ALOT older than 15 (not that it even matters)

Another sad thing is you're to good for me. You are rich and i am normal. You seem so perfect, your black long,shaggy hair that drives me crazy, and your big brown eyes that seem to smile the same time you're smiling. The way you dressed that day with your shirt on inside out and when i asked why it was inside out you replied "because its abercrombie and i hate labels." That gave you many many points.

So in conculsion, i wish you would just give me a chance. Get to know me better. Let's become good friends and hang out.

Exacally how i feel:

"You're the closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me.
I'd love to be the sholder you cry on,
I'd love to be the friend you call when things are great.
I really deserve a chance to sit across the table,
and tell you you're wonderful and i think you're something special.
This is my only chance to,
say i wish i knew you,
because i'm sure you're wonderful,
If i get to know you."
The Juliana Theory - The Closest Thing

<123 Catherine
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The pain inflicts on me as you fade away.
Hard to belive what's going on when i got to know
you're with that girl i met the other day

Was it something i said that drove you away
from this?
You nearly brought demise upon me and i hope
that one day you'll care

That all i ever think was those times,
and you and i will both be together again.
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Dear Jonji and Furri,

You guys know how much I enjoy you both. You're my best friends. My first best friends. My only friends I still have basically. And I'm so grateful for that. I'm almost scared to tell you sometimes. Because I think you'd laugh. Or feel awkward. Because the feeling isn't returned. =/

The thing is, I feel like I'm inferior now. Because Furri, you hang out with Matt more than me or Jonj combined. And Jonj can hang out with you at soccer practice, Matt-less.

I don't get that time. Ever. I hardly see you after school. And when I can, it's with Daniel and one of us has to leave early.

I have hardly anytime. Granted, I see Jonj in Bio, but not that I get to communicate with him the amount I want or even need to.

And I see Furri in newspaper. But I'm literally competing for attention for you with Matt. *stares at the floor* Don't think I don't see it.

And I'm so fucking jealous of you both. You can have sleep overs. Hang out without some stupid parent being paranoid because there's a girl around. And just relate with each other more than I ever will.

I feel so left out. And I've told you both. But I don't think you understand exactly how hard it's hitting me. I feel like shit when I can just walk away from you both for an amount of minutes and come back and everything's the same. So I leave again.

Yes, I'm not a guy. I don't fawn over girls. Nor guys for that matter. And I hate sports, especially ones that require a lot of running, like soccer. Yet I play them with you anyway. Just because it's the only time I'd ever have to spend with you.

This Friday was fun. And we did finally get to hang out. But it was more you both hanging out, and me coming in there with you. I say we don't spend enough time, as the three of us, but you say "we hung out no Friday." Yes, we did. But it will be voided for a while after that.

While the two of you continue to get tighter, I continue to just shut down. I still consider you guys my best friends. Because you are. You are the best friends I have.

I just don't think that's what you consider me as all of the time...

Especially with other friends and interests...

And each other...

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