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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

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Ya know what? I like you, ok? I fucking like you.
Dear me,

No more getting sick or being in bad moods, ok? People will like you more when you don't sound like you're gonna totally chew them out. Oh yeah, and no more being mean to certain people / certain person.

Current Mood: sick
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fuck me gently with a chainsaw..
.discardthismessage.Collapse )

there's nothing wrong.

god, i hope so.

Current Mood: ...confused?
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Dear All New Freshmen,

Hi. You're morons. Complete and total morons.

Don't walk up the down stairs or down the up stairs. Don't say that you're new and you didn't know because there is ARROWS on them to tell you which way to go!! How stupid can you be?

Also, please wear some clothes that consist of more then a belt and a bra, and I don't see why you call them "shirts and skirts" because they are not!!

You don't realize the guys don't like you guys so stop dressing for attention! They only pretend to like you cause you are easy whores.

You better shape up cause you aren't in baby school anymore. This is highschool and you are small fish in a big ocean. Get used to it whores.

Love always,
The rest of MacArthur High School

Current Mood: cranky
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You win...

I have never been jelous before now.
But I am....
Its funny cause I could see this coming for some reason. When we were sitting there on the bed talking. In the back of my head I could see what was going to happen. You have to admit the whole thing was a bit random. I think I trusted you to much. And you know once I start talking I can stop, and I start to blur every thing together... even I forget what I say.

I wanted to think that I was making the right choice. And I was for the most part. May be its nothing, maybe its just me being paraniod. But after all thats happned I think I have a right to. What annoys me is, I'm here and your there. I can't do anything about it.
So my love...

Get away from those fucking girls.

love you.


Current Mood: jealous

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