September 7th, 2004

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Dear Sion, the Holder of Our Promise,

Is our relationship a "go", or a "gone"? We're so far apart in distance, but our feelings through the Wired is shared. WE never admit to theword, "love" but we walk around it, a kiss on the lips, a look in your eyes.

"Whenever you look at me with emotionless eyes, I look back and can't ever seem to see what's hidden behind those eyes of're such a mystery; a mystery I look forward to finding out soon"I told you this today..and I believe it, cuz you always keep me quessing.

And when you said nothing would ever happen to you, I asked you to promis me nothing ever will..and I hope you keep that promise because I'll make sure that I do too..for only one. If anything were to ever happen to you, I wouldn't know what to do..I think I'll be hurt more than you think.

There are those times you keep me guesing if I'm waned..sometimes I do, but sometimes you leave me all alone again, shunned in the dark with no light. One day, I hope you'll save me and take me with you when you leave.

"Just because I have angel wings doesn't mean I don't have a fear of flight"-Unknown

From this quote, it made me think, well, I dont know what to do with life, I'm scared. If I have it, it really doesnt mean I know what to do necessarily. Sometimes being scared in life is the best way to step up and learn, but I want you to help me overcome my fears Sion...maybe I ask too much? Tell you the truth, I've never felt like this...maybe I'm trying too hard..I don't know what to think anymore...

Signed, Mariliz, the Girl You Share Your Promise With

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Dear A

Sometimes you really make me crazy; I suppose, more accurately, sometimes I become crazy and I blame it on you because, that way, I am not some silly irrational schoolgirl in love.

See, thing is, I am a silly irrational schoolgirl in love. Sad, but true. You make me happier than anyone else; if you wanted to, you could make me sadder than anyone else could. I guess that’s what love is – giving someone else something incredibly fragile and precious and trusting that they’ll keep it intact and safe.

Sometimes, I get incredibly nervous with you. I wish I could see you face to face more often but it’s impossible, but I find it hard to gauge your reactions sometimes. Are you annoyed with me, generally upset, busy…? It makes me nervous, not knowing whether my next comment is going to make things worse.

And sometimes when I talk to you, I feel so unworthy. I can’t even manage to express properly how I feel or be completely honest, how do I deserve to have someone like you love me? It scares me that you have this false picture of me that you love and one day you’ll realise that that’s not what I’m like and you won’t want to disappoint me, so you’ll just fade out of my life. I’d hate that more than anything – while I’ve yet to master total honesty, I wish that everyone would just use it with me.

I love you, completely, utterly and irrevocably.

All my heart,

~ Faith
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