August 16th, 2004

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Dear you, Being in a rather good mood last night I decided I would call you for the first time in months to see how your life is going. Your girlfriend, work, life in general. When someone answered the phone in a female voice claiming her name was Rebecca I asked if you were around and you eventually got on the phone that belongs to you and not her. I asked if I was calling at a bad time and I hung up immediately after I heard, "Yeah....kinda." Remember when you first told me you were back together? Remember everything we talked about? I told you that we would not be able to be friends at all. She doesn't like me, and has good reason for it, but that's half on your part. As a matter of fact, it's all on your part because you hadn't told me all about your relationship before we got together. And now we don't talk at all. Daily phone calls have gone down to no phone calls. When we were talking about everything I told you I didn't want to call you ever again because of the text messages she sent me, the last thing I would want is to talk to her on the phone. You assurred me that she would never be able to answer it. Granted it's been since June that I've talked to you, I still expected that to stay in place. But then again, they say a promise is a comfort to a fool. I should have known from the very beginning, when I laid eyes on you for the first time. This may last for a while but you don't realize what great people you through out of your life when you got back together with her because you are always together and never think of anyone else. Just warning you, but I'll call once more. But that, my friend, is not going to be a happy phone call. Goodbye. Me
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I've learned...

that flip-flops can be worn in the snow
that love unreturned is still love
that sometimes all you need is a hand to hold
that lacrosse balls thrown at high speeds leave bruises even through goalie pads
that no matter how much you read you'll never escape your real life
that what a person says can change someone elses world
that happiness is often fleeting
that rain isn't always bad...after all you can dance in it.
that being able to solve a logic puzzle doesn't mean you have common sense.
That no matter how quiet you are when sneeking in after curfew you will never succeed in this task.
That you can never feel ugly when you have cute underwear on
that each and every person has a soul mate...we just might not end up with them
that some days the stranger who smiles can make a difference in my life
that sisters will always try to take you clothing if you have something new
that completely matching an outfit can only give you one else cares
that black finger nail polish chips really fast
that the service engine soon light on your car really means service engine soon.
that no matter how many quotes you know in a time of desperation you can never find something to say
that singing silly songs in math really does help you remember some rule or formula
that some teachers just don't know everything
that heartbreak will happen and it sucks
that it's the inside jokes that makes a best-friend better then just a friend
that it's easier to solve a rubik's cube by accident then it is by planning it out

I've learned that I'm an overachiever when it comes to things like this.