August 14th, 2004

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dear spencer,

you are probably one of the cutest and nicest guys i've met in a long time. and i don't think i've smiled so much just thinking about a person. but WHY do you have to be 18?! can you at least let me know how you feel? your friends tell me you're interested. but that doesn't mean shit to me unless i hear it from you. why can't you guys seem to understand that?

dear mom and dad,

i swear, one of these days i'm going to just run away from home. why can't you be more understanding? so what if he's 18? have you ever thought of the fact that i might actually LIKE him? but no, you don't care about that. you just want me to stay at home, all the time, and do homework. and get straight A's. well excuse me, i stay home enough. i do well in school, even if its NOT straight A's, i never get anything lower than a B. so who the hell are you to tell me who i can and cannot see? i hate you.

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dear someone,
i miss you a lot. i think about you more than i should. i just wish you werent such a dick. you know ive always saw myself being in a relationship with you. but i guess eh i dunno. im happy, i am. but i know im always going to wonder what if. what if i just stop being so fucking shy and talk to you more and told you how i felt? i guess i thought that you wouldnt feel the same. i just wish you would tell me something... anything.
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