August 1st, 2004

Masuimi Max

a quick, unchanged & unedited poem. opinions and interpretations wanted

This is not my house.
With beautiful beige and frosted glass
it sings a lullabye to me
that is ineffective:
a pet rock
instead of a kitten.

beauty runs deep
in a house like this
but even at depth
beauty is lacking
and comfort

"second home"

seems like empty works
that were, once.
A back-up family
living with the frosted glass
I covet

no longer

Home will fall
the brightness left to dim
and I will continue
and unsteady
as everthing always is

to my [best] friend

Dear best friend,
unfortunately, my thoughts have been confirmed.. we ARE drifting.. at a very soft pace.. when ur friend died who u were really close to at college, you never called me. its been three days now, so i finally called u today. and u asked the same question i asked you.. you asked me why u didnt call me. i was always the one u would call when u needed comfort.. a friend.. i really care about u.. i try so hard to reach out for u, but it seems like u need to push me away for some reason. i notice when u talk to me, u try to refernce that i might not, understand.. Andrea.. i miss you... if u ever need to talk , im still here waiting for you..
Love You,
aka your twin
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The memiories come back

Dear Jason,

Wow we went out for 9 and half months... we broke up once, but then i felt like i needed to be with you, so we went back out and surprised everyone on feb.14th at the valentines dance. Then i said i loved you...because i thought i did, But then we went away on our seperate vacations and i met a boy, and we held hands, and i came back and told you everything. Because i felt like i needed to,But what surprised me the most was you didnt break up with me when i thought you should, i really wanted you too, so i broke your heart and told you i couldnt be with you cried in front of me...and i couldnt feel anything, then it just all feel down from there i tried sooo hard to get you back, but then i realised i didnt need you and moved on, we both did, but neither of them lasted very long at all. Now we are talking again but im in a long distance relationship....i dont even know what to think at all...:/

yea, i'm playing that card.

Al Salvador

i've been on a path of communication with you for oh, let's say 5 days? i was dragged away to th nazi death camp (also known as grandpa's house) the day after our first conversation. i told you it wouldn't stop me.

the following will be a recap of the past 4ish days;
wednesday?- i got your message after i got off the plane. my heart jumped. it's amazing what a simple "ey" can do to a girl. as hard as i tried, i could not reply. this angered me.
thursday finally got a hold of a computer. after a whole maybe 15 minutes of you my uncle decides to be tired. since the computer is in his room, i had no choice. but avas, my cell phone still holds dear. $3.90 on text mesages well spent.
friday more online chatting. struck up a deal for my uncle to switch rooms with le cousin to buy time. somehow i got the nickname "spermie" in this conversation.
saturday no talking this day. :(
sunday speaking to you right now. you bought your car yesterday. you asked when you should pick me up. i say now baby.

so. you. ooh you. there's been obvious "internet flirting" unless i'm totally imgining things, which could easily be the case. when we first started talking, you asked if i liked spikey or shaggy hair better. i said it didnt really matter, but i guess if i had to chose i'd take shaggy. you jsut told me that "you hair's getting shaggy". you have spikey hair baby.

so you can come pick me up at any time. i'll be waiting VERY anxiously.

(no subject)

i think things are getting better
dont you?
i cant wait until the night when you come home forever.

in this moment i am prefectly content.
im so glad i can make you happy.
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