July 25th, 2004

You see you try to play me...

Why after 8 months since you left me, have I started thinking of you again? When i went to that dance last night.. There was a guy that looked just like you and i couldn't help but stare at him. He was Just Like You. His beautiful smile made me want to kiss him, and I didn't know him.

 I found your picture last night and Put it back in your frame where it rested for 3 months until i got sick of looking at it and knowing i would never again be with you. Every song I heard reminds me of the tiems i had when I was with you.

Why did this start? I just get a hold of my life.. and you come back into my mind again. Just leave me aone heart-breaker..

I'm heading twoard another breakdown. I still love you.. and Im pathetic.

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Dear Stepmom,

I hate you.
You think you control me, you think you have a say on whatever I do or say, you're a gold digger. You don't love my father, you use the crap out've him, when you as well as I and everyone else know that you have ALOT more money than him.

I'm sick of you pushing around people, telling them what to do because "you have a heart condition." Listen, if you can go on a rollercoaster, over and over again, you sure as bloody hell can make your own breakfast.

& STOP going around calling me your own daughter, and stop praising me because I'm good at soccer, you use me like I can gain you popularity with the other half of my family, to my aunts and uncles.

I know the real reason why my sister stopped seeing my father and perminantly stayed with my mom, I know you grabbed her by the hair and slammed her down when she didnt respond to you.
Do you even know why my sister didn't respond? maybe you forgot, BUT MY SISTER IS DEAF.She couldn't hear you yelling like a banshee. I don't care if shes deaf or not, you still had no right to yank her by the hair and pull her down into a grip. If I was older, I would've done something about it. But I was only 5, and my sister was 12, and I didn't know what was going on.

If you EVER touch me, my brother or my dad (thank god my sister got a restraining order on you), I will make sure that you never ever come in reach of my family again. You're a 2 faced cold hearted bitch, and you don't give a fuck about anyone, but yourself.

You say I don't help around the house enough. Yeah well I don't sit on my ass all day playing NEOPETS games, you're fucking 46 and you won't grow up.
All you do is complain, whine and demand. I want you to know I despise every bit of you.

Just because I live under your roof with my father, doesn't mean you own or control me. Your not my mother, and you sure god damn know it. & if you EVER call my mom a mental case again, everything I'm saying here, will be brutaly thrown in your face. & if you EVER hurt me like you did my sister, I will hurt you, right back, but 10 times worse.

If only my dad could see how much we all hate you, and how much we wish you'd fuck off.

yours truely,

writing makes me feel better.

Dear ***

Why do you think that you are better than me? Why do you act like you are invisible and indistructable and always right? When you say something, nobody can ever contradict it without you getting all huffy and puffy and a big fight ensues, and as a result of this, anything anyone else says is also wrong. You live on a need to be right and to be in the spotlight and it is completely annoying. If I or anyone else tries to be funny, it is not a joke to you, it is being stupid, and you make me and others FEEL stupid, and it hurts. But when you tell a joke or try to be funny everyone must laugh. You are your own princess. I hope for your own sake you get a reality check in the near future because certain people are not always going to be there for you, and you will not always be able to run to people for reassurance of your higher stature. One day it will be my turn, and I hope, because I am nothing like you, that you don't go through half of the misery you have put me through.

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