July 22nd, 2004

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you'll never see this but-

living in your big house that is a home, with an electric guitar and all your preppie friends...i wonder if you need me at all. once we were best friends, but now we have nothing in common. you say you like my writing and that means the world to me, but if you ever read it close enough and read between the lines- i'm afraid you'll see my insides. insides of glass, about to poke through my skin and bleed me out. and then you wouldn't even want to look at me. but if we're best friends again we have to be honest...i just hope it works.
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i looked everywhere for the box full of memories from last summer. it has the notes i asked you to write while i was at camp last summer. they said special things in them.. things i was scared of then, but embrace now. i knew how you felt towards me a year ago, but i didn't know how i felt. now it is vice versa. i can't seem to read you... or maybe there is just nothing there. i pray that's not the case. my excuse to you last summer was a shameful one, and it proved me wrong. now, all i can hope is that you don't use the same one, because you using it would probably be liable; you'll make it alright. you are one of the most genuine people i know, and i don't want to lose you...

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