July 19th, 2004

Another post.


I do hate you, After today.. I will never talk to you again no matter how many times yopu beg me to unblock you. I can't take you or your retarted friends. I hate you... and how you sit there and let Erik bitch me out.. I just HATE you.

And for Erik.

Screw you. I hate you moer than anything in the world. How can you sit there nad make ppl feel like COMPLETE SHIT. Well you are shit, and thats all i think of you as. Im so glad your leaving Erie because nobody likes your ass here anyways. I hate you.

Love Always.
*sighs* Let out my anger
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I dont come on here intentionally to write a post cuz i feel i need to, its jst once i start typing everything i wanna think and say comes out. So its kinda cool to get what im bottling up off my chest.

Dear Self,

You have so many new rad friends that you should go and hang out with. Once your best friend leaves i think you'll miss her yet you'll be oblidged to go and hang with these people and these people are good people who dont take drugs and you should be really excited to get off them. Hanging around these people will make your life 1 million times better. Look foward to it.

Dear Family,

You said to me today im a different person after the weekend. I will be back...my new life will start soon and ive promised myself that. I'll see you then hey.

Dear Gregory,

I say my new life starts soon but i will still think of you everyday after then because i know thats something that i cannot help. Im so in love with every inch of your body and soul and words can never express what i feel for you. I love you so fucking much it fucking hurts. You turn 19 on Thursday and i plan to become friends with you this day, i dont know if being friends with you will make things harder or make things better. Theres the fact i know if i become friends with you i'll know what im missing out on, but i know that already..so who cares. Or theres the fact that im not fighting with the only person ive truly ever loved, that might make things better.

I want to hear your voice, i want to know what you've been up to and i want you to realise you have chosen the wrong girl. I'm gunna be a drunken mess but fuck i dont care im going to tell you your the most amazing person ive ever met in my whole entire life and all i want for you is to be my friend.

I'll be lying because that isn't all i want but i know thats all i'll ever get so i might aswell get what im given.
Gregory Eric Smith i love you always and forever with all my heart and soul dont ever change.