July 10th, 2004


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dear ian,
i can't fucking stand how much i love you and how much you mean to me, it makes me sick. i wish we could be what we were last summer. i wish you could have looked deeper and realized how beautiful that was. i wish i still didn't miss you. i wish i still didn't think about you every single day. i wish i wouldn't feel the need to hide when i see you around town; around town with your arms around her. was i just the stand in? the substitute, second string? i hate how much i love you. i wish i could forget about you. but i can't

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Dear you,

through out everything we've had our ups and downs. miscommunication and just completely messed up moments. we've managed to get through everything no matter how big the obstacle was. the past two months has symbolized a new begining to our old broken relationship and it is so much better than the last. im happy we agreed to work things out and keep our promises. the empty ones destroyed us. no one understands why we'd break up and get back together less than 24hours later and keept he new date, no one but you, and thats all that matters. it left the baggage behind and truly gave us a new begining. i am more in love with you this time around and there is not even a doubtful fiber of my being. i love you with my whole heart this time around and thats hard for me to do. you are regaining my trust bit by bit and im happy with that. you've changed so much through everything and im proud of you because its what you wanted. basically what im trying to say is i love you with my whole heart and i dont see that changing. ever.
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♥ __i sew myself shut

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I heard what you said today. Maybe it's just an act so you can stay up there in your little group. Or, I could be gullible and believe you're just like me. I thought that once, like we had something in common, and got the last thing I needed. If that was true, I know how it feels to live that way. But what would you know? You're living way up there, looking down at me. Sometimes I wanna say I'm sorry and start over, yet I don't think I could survive another five like that again. Maybe you're lying again; and you wonder why I quit trusting you.
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hey guys I just joined cuz I left alot of communities and I'm looking for new ones that I'll actually post in and comment on everyone else just writes stoopid bull. So ya my name is Sarah, 15, californian and I'm super friendly I don't bit I swear...mk maybe I do but not THAT hard. I'm into Guns and roses, FM static, ac/dc, coheed and cambria, FINCH (hense why I checked out this community) so ya feel free to comment or anything I'll be nice I swear!
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hey id thought id join this cuz i noticed letters to you.. and i like finch. plus boredom causes people to do dumb things. so here i am. yo...
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looking down

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Why did you leave me? I miss you so much it makes me sick. My heart hurts so bad I can barely take it. I'm so mad at you for leaving, but the pain of missing you is so powerful that I can't even feel the anger. Why was it so bad that you had to friggen leave us all behind? Wby did you leave me without saying goodbye? I was there for you for six months.. every night. I talked to you every time you felt like you couldn't go on anymore. You said I was the reason you didn't go that one night. So why couldn't I be the reason this time?? Why why why did you go?? I cry almost every day. How am I supposed to make this pain go away??? Everytime I look up at the sky I think of you. Everytime I see Gothika I cry. Everytime I hear behind blue eyes or any song by evanescence it hurts so bad. Sometimes I just can't even comprehend. Sometimes I think you're just gonna call me up and say "damn my family sucks. they told everyone i was gone but I've really been here the whole time. I'm sorry I didn't call you, I just had a lot going on." I wish we had gone to the quarry. Part of me wishes I never saw you laying there so peacefully in your permanent resting place. Part of me wishes I had fainted at the burial. I don't know Joe.. what am I supposed to do? how am I supposed to forget you??? How am I supposed to tell my heart to stop breaking?? I told you if you left it would destroy me. Have I proven that to you yet??? God I miss you so much. Please ask the big guy to help me deal with this pain.

♥ Lyndsay
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.....In fact sometimes it's not right to do...

I have a few letters. Just because somethings have been bugging me lately....

Dead ****,
Why do you have to be you? Well, that's an obvious question, but....it's just so annoying! No, not because you as a person are annoying. Not that at all. It's just....the way I feel about you is annoying. It's confusing me. It's not love, but....it's not not love either. It's not like I wanna go out with you..it's just...I don't know. And whenver I'm around you, it only pops up more and confuses me further. But no, you don't know this. You'll never know this. Because it would fuck things up more than they already are. And beleive me, they're very fucked up. But you already know this. I'm babbling. Goodby
~Da Morgie

Dear my brain,
You're an asshole. Shut up. Why? Because I said so. And no, that's not a good thing to do. And stop over-analyzing it. It'sw a good sure thing. It makes you happy. Stop thinking. Being happy is a GOOD thing
~Your heart

Dear group of people where I live,
I'm sorry that lately I've been a bit of a hermmit. It's just I've been thinking a lot. And I haven't been able to stop. And you all seem all too happy to go off and ignore me.But I'll try to be more involved. I promise, I will. I think I figured it all out, to an extent. Anyways, yeah, I love you guys, hope I see you all before I go to Disney!
~~Morgie, the "indeciseive whore"

Okay, so those were short, and meaningless unless yoiu were involved, which I don't think any of you are. But....I had to post 'em. They were grating on me.
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