July 5th, 2004

Hello again...

Dear you... no... I don't know who this is to...

Why we must be so far apart I still have yet to understand. I don't know you, and you don't know me... but one day our love will ignite and joy will exist in my life... Until then, I will live in my dreams, clouded by you... You with the missing face...

The love that's waiting for you.
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Dear Michael Moore,

You are fucking awesome. I excitedly anticipate next weekend, when I will be going to see Fahrenheit 9/11.

I rented Bowling for Columbine last night, watched it at 2 o'clock in the morning, and stayed wide awake, intrigued by every word.

I also went to your website and read just about every article on there, and I must say, you are the most awesome person alive. I worship you.

It's about time someone shoved the facts up the right wing's ass.

Large amounts of thankful-ness and a "Not my president" t-shirt,
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puerto rico is too beautiful

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Okay you.

Stop it. You make me feel so guilty. I broke up with you because I don't know you yet you say you love me. You know almost nothing about me. I've seen you maybe five times in my life. It was a bad time for a relationship that meant almost nothing to me. It was like we were living in two different worlds. I can't help I travel a lot. You know I'm going to New York on Thursday. Hopefully I'll get to talk to you before then. I'll try to figure you out, try to figure out what you really mean when you say things, and why you say the things you do. Because you know, I've never dated a guy like you before. You're so.. enigmatic. And I don't even know if that's a word. But that's good, because I don't even know you. Nobody knows you. You tell different things to everyone. I think maybe if I can put them all together, I can figure this out. And maybe there can be a chance for us. Or at least a friendship, though with you, I can't see how it can stay just a friendship. You just always want something. And I don't know if I have that something that you want...


Dear ______,

You were no FRIEND to me. You used me & confused me. I hate you for this. Open your eyes look around tell me, do you see me? Did you think I was going to hang around & take your bullshit? NO! I don't know what the hell you were thinking when you told me you hated me & never wanted to talk to me again. I don't understand what I could have done to make you leave in the first place...Did you think I would be tempting, that you wouldn't be able to keep your hands off of me while you were with Lesley? Did you think I would drive you to cheat on her like you've done every girl you've ever gone out with? Oh well, sorry for being me. Hope the rest of your life is living HELL, just like you made mine...

Goodbye to you,

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dear you,

ever since we have been going out things were great. we would spend a lot of time together and our relationship was amazing. now it seems like you are sick of me and you'd rather be with your friends. you never call me anymore, instead i recieve phone calls from your friends. you say all these other girls are hot. you tell me that your gonna call me back but you never do cause you are out with your friends. this hurts me it really does. i miss the nights we would stay up as late as we could untill we got yelled at for being on the phone too late. now our phone conversations are literally 31 seconds long. i wish that things were the same way they used to be....

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dear you..
lately weve been getting so close and i have loved every second i am with you or talking to u which really is evey second..but getting closer to you is making things weird cuz when we kiss u remind me so much of greg and i am dieing inside and when i told greg about me and you and he got all protective and said u were too old and not to get myself into a relatonship like that and now it seems like greg is trying to keep us apart i dont know if its him looking out for me or if its him trying to keep me from being happy like he always does whne he finds out its not him im thinking about im sorry that when im on the phone with you and greg calls i tell u i have to go but you have to understand he was my first and only real love and what we have doesnt come close to what me and greg had yet that is and i know you hate it so much when i waste half of our phone conversatins talking about greg and when u tell me u wanna kill i kinda get mad at you and act mean a little...i have to tell you the other day i had a dream that we were in sams car and it was me you sam and matt and we were in the back and out of no where i was crying soo much and i told you everything about how i felt about you and how i couldnt see you ne more because i felt as if i were lieing to you because when i wasnt with you i ws wih greg and in my dream me and greg had a weird relationship cuz whenn we werent togeher he was with aly and i knew it and dint care and i was with you and he would get mad at me... and i dont want that to happen in real life so i dont no if i should tell you now or no i dont know what to do im sorry....
_yours truly_
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