July 4th, 2004


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you know who you are...well actually you may not, but i still love you anyways-

i forgot about you today. for almost 3 seconds, i had to think to bring up the image of your face. that must be improvement, of some sick and twisted sort. but then i looked in my binder for some reason, just to look at my old papers i guess. and there you were. in small drawings, little sentences, those things that we used to do to amuse ourselves. your slightly clever, slightly offensive, but always funny answers to my fill in the blank quiz for chemistry. your sad attempt at drawing your band logo, your comments in my calculator...its all there. and it brought back the image of you so clearly, and i remembered something...i still miss you.

love always, me

crossing the relationship line

Dear Mandy-

It's not your place to talk to my boyfriend about my relationship with him and how I feel about it, and some part of you must know that. So why do you do it? You know it pisses me off. And even though you think you're helping, you're really not. Yeah, you're helping him get away with stuff because you put me in the position where I have to let it go and pretend I'm cool with it when he asks, but you're yet again disabling me from really talking to him about it and letting him know how I feel. Though you may think I'm making a big deal out of nothing, you have really no idea what goes on in my relationship, therefore have no right to tell me to stop making up excuses to be mad at him.

Yeah, I'm sorry I blew up on you, but you need to get it through your head that this is my relationship, NOT your's. There's no reason for you to really talk to my boyfriend at all, since you supposedly hate him so much, so just do me a favor and don't. Please. What goes on is my business, NOT your's. If I don't want him to go everywhere we go, you don't have any reason to ask why, let alone try to go behind my back and invite him. I go to your house to hang out with you. If I wanted to hang out with him I'd go to hise house. Make sense?

Please know that I'm in full hopes of keeping our friendship intact, but am also in full hopes of keeping my relationship intact and do not want to mix the two. It just doesn't work.

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