June 18th, 2004


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Do you not realize what you say as it's coming out of your mouth? Am I not supposed to take it seriously and just assume that you were joking. I can't do that something in me knows that it could be a joke but it's not funny. I odn't get how you can says omethings and not thik twice about them, not give up, not drop the subject, not noticed that it upset me. Actually youd id notice that something was wrong and you knew that when I said nothing it really meant something, but I thought you could figure it out and I don't think you did. Sometimes you deserve more credit then I give you. This time however I doubt you do.

without my heart.

Are you?

Dear you____,

I am sorry, but I do hate her...I am sure you got my point from my journal maybe that's why you didn't call me to wish me for graduation...even after leaving my message...I am making it a big deal because I want you guys to know that I didn't do anything..and I can't forget it..coz you both blamed me for something I didn't do...Now, I became a bitch huh? even he is not talking only coz I am became busy...you know..I am enough nice to you guys...That's it I am done with you guys...Do watever the fuck you want to do...Okie...I don't give a damn about you guys and I don't give a shit...I have a wonderful life right here..I don't need you guys anymore...fuck you guys..Fuck you... I don't care anymore, I seriously don't..I have wonderful parents and wonderful friends...so I will fulfill my duty towards them...Once again thanx for making me cry, thanx for hurting me, and thanx for tolerating me...Not anymore...bye

Dear You_____,
If you are not talking to me because I am fat ...then don't forget that you are fat too...when you are pointing at someone dont forget to look at urself...okie..u stupid lil muther fuker..I feel like cursing the shit out of you...Damn it! You really pissed me off...seriously..I just hate you...you are soo sick and disgusting....fuck you...Thank God! I quit talking to you...bye bye forever...I DON'T CARE FOR YOU and your LIL BITCHY GF and your friends...fuck you and fuck themmm...
From me
whom maybe now you call the "bitch"
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Dear school,

Why are you so dumb?

So it's the last day of school and we're gonna have a food fight, as planned. No big deal, throw some chicken salad, get a little dirty, all in good fun.

Thank god I left lunch when I did.

You. Stupid. Idiots.

It's one thing to throw food. It's another to throw garbage cans, full bottles of water, unopened cartons of milk, and more dangerous objects that could potentially hurt someone. You turned a food fight into a hardcore riot, and on my last day of high school, i was stuck in an office with 4 other kids for about 4 hours.

Thank you, you complete morons.

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oh my Nicholas,

i havent talked to you in what? 2, 3 months? and all of a sudden we're best friends again. dont get me wrong, im not complaining. i love talking to you. we're like the exact same person. we understand each other and we can bitch for hours on end.

and thats a problem...

so youve supposedly moved on from frankie... so youre supposedly sure this time... youre doing just what i am... moving on and searching.

so... do you still only see me as a friend?

your away message... "she was always cute in that way..." i know this is me jumping to conclusions... but this was after my whole "when you hugged someone you walked away feeling like you jsut lost your virginity" ordeal. (i thought it was funny at least)... so maybe, just maybe...?

i dont know what im doing.