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I'm living in your letters.. Breathe deeply from this envelope
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Thursday, June 17th, 2004

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I got this email the other day. Thought it was a very good letter. It made me think. Thanks.

Dear Mom:

I hate how you scream when you don`t get your way
I hate how you insist on ruining every perfect day
I hate how out of all the words you scream, none are ever true,
Really, i dont hate very much, its just everything about you.


Thank you for hiding last night, thank you for letting me be free. I didn't hate me anymore. I danced, and I was happy. Everything felt alright. I liked the freedom. I didn't think about him at all, and I think now I can get by.

Thank you for looking better and prettier these days. Thank you for not being so stupid. Thank you for being better at exercising and getting thinner. Everything will be alright.

...me :P
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to sanni.
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last night i wrote a letter to you, and i was gonna put it in my journal, but then i decided, that good is it doing either of us if you dont know the way i feel, so i copied and pasted it into an email, and sent it to you. i dont know if you've read it, i dont know if you will. but i sent it. i actually did it. so now you know.

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i'm actually planning on sending a letter the problem is I don't know what to write.It would be very helpful if you out there in the community could help me.

The situation:
My bestfriend happens to like me.I happen to like him too. It's just it seems as though he isn't being straight forward and our relationship is at an awkward standstill.

please help me.

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