June 2nd, 2004

xtina - death


Dear Leprechaun

I love you. You are everything and more that I expected you to be.

Thank you for last night. I needed that shoulder to cry on.

Thank you for loving me. For putting up with me. For being there for me.

I love you more than anything in this world. *hugz*

Love, your "Irish" girl
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This is a poem that I wrote to someone, I truly care for! Well here it goes tell me what you think of it! Thanks Much <3 Cory

When you're around,
I am happy,
When you're around,
I always smile,
When you're not around,
I am sad,
When you're not around,
I always frown,
When we fight,
I cry like a baby,
When we talk all night,
I feel like your baby,
When you're not around,
Its hard for me to breathe,
When you're not around,
I feel alone,
Whether you know it or not,
I love you!

<3 ME
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Here's Another one Dedicated to my Father....He died when I was 8. tell me what you think!

Now you're gone, you have been for long, I didn't know what, it was like, to grow up with, just a mom i miss you so much you dont even know god has helped me through good and bad shes found someone new and says "I LOVE YOU" but how could that be true when i know she still loves you? i hate not having you around i feel my world is upside down i'm in fear of losing her when shes gone i'll be mad, but god did and does EVERYTHING FOR A REASON!
im not

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Here is what i would love to say to derek...

Dear Derek... I love you. but im not sure you feel the same.. you say you do. but im not so sure about you.. i want to get married... stay the same.. dont ever chnage.. no.. change.. be someone other than you. be someone i wish i could have... be my everything.. kill your mother... and run away with me. and stop caring what other people think. be like me... be care free. i love you always.. and forever.

Ever so sweetly * Lisa
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Dear God,

Ryan's mom just called him. He's not coming back this summer.

The last time I'm going to see him is Sober Grad this Friday. Then, he's going to North Carolina. Then he's going straight from there into the military, instead of coming back for a month like he was.

It never really hit me that he was actually leaving, because it was so far away. I always thought I could just go to his house any time and he would be there.

Now I realize that the day after tomorrow may be the last time I ever see him.

You give me something, and I've been the happiest person alive for the past month. Then you take it all away. Now I know why I never believed in you.

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