May 19th, 2004

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    You lied to me about why you broke up with me. Even when I took you home the other night, you still lied to me about it. I know this because your mom told me your real reason. You know, you really shouldn't tell your mom things when she loves me!

    By the way, I hope you know that since you fucked up your life, BOTH of your parents are agreeing to the National Guard stuff. See what happens, Shaun? You waste your life away with drugs, and don't go to school, that the court, school, and your parents decide to ship you off to boot camp for 6 months.

   I've been thinking about it, and when I DO move to Fl, I will stop by to say goodbye to you. Just so you can really see what you're missing out on.



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I'm dreading the day when you leave..

Dear Ryan,

I have so many emotions about this bottled up inside me I'm trying to let them all out at once, and I just can't grasp the fact that you're leaving.

I wish I could have met you earlier this year. I wish you weren't moving to North Carolina, all the way across the country. I wish you didn't join the army. I wish you weren't graduating.

I've only known you for 3 months, but it feels like 3 years. I can tell you anything. I like you so much, and I can't imagine these next 4 years without you.

I don't want to say I love you, because we've only been together for 3 weeks, but I like you so much it brings tears to my eyes to imagine going through high school without you there. You said you'll give me your guitar, so that when you come back you'll have to find me and get it back, and you said, "And maybe I'll even get you back, too." I hope that is true.

You said neither of us could handle a long distance relationship. You're so right, but it would also tear me apart to let you go. I don't know what to do. June 4th, the day you leave our school forever, is drawing nearer, and my heart is beating faster with every minute that passes by. I don't know how I'm going to let you go. I just wish that this wasn't our fate - to be seperated so soon.

I know we'll stay in touch throught internet, letters, and phone calls. Who knows? Maybe when you come back we'll start over. You'll be 21, I'll be 18. We could have a future together. I just wish you could be here to share the near future with me.

I don't know how to deal with this. For now, I'll just settle for seeing you every day and falling asleep to your voice every night.

Yours, always and forever,
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your eyes are so.. fucking.. gorgeous. i made a huge mistake looking in them yesterday when i was talking to you. i think i froze. i already have a hard enough time talking to you, nevermind looking into your eyes and freezing up. i feel like a little kid when i talk to you. i actually pay attention to what i'm saying. or i say the most retarded things. i flash the most god awful smiles. and worst of all.. I STUTTER SOMETIMES! and i know that you'll never be able to find out that i like you. which eats away at me... whatever :/.
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Beating the odds...the list goes on...

Dear Readers

Have a thalidomide child born with a dwarfed, twisted body without arms, and you have a Terry Wiles, who, with the aid of mechanical devices, learned to play the electric organ, steer a motorboat and paint.

Ampulate the cancer-ridden leg of a handsome young Canadian, and you have a Terry Fox, who vowed to run on one leg across the whole of Canada to raise $1 million for cancer research. (Terry was forced to quithalfway when cancer invaded his lungs, but managed to raise about $20 million.)

Let a British fighter pilot who lost both legs in an air crash fly again with the RAF, and you have Douglas Bader, who, with two artificial limbs, was captured by the germans three times during the World War 2 -and escaped three times!

Blind him and you have a Ray Charles, George Shearing, Stevie Wonder, T0m Sullivan, Alee Templeton or Hal Krents.

Label him "too stupid to learn" and you have a Thomas Edison.

Make him a "hopeless" alcoholic, and you have a Bill Wilson, founder of Alcoholic Anonymous.

Tell her she is too old to start painting at 80, and you have a Grandma Moses.

Let the poor kids with diseases die and you won't have a godmother Mother Teresa.

Let the country end in the slavery under britishers if you won't have Mahatma Gandhi.

Afflict him with periodsof depression so severe that he cuts offhis own ear, and you have a Vincent Van Gogh.

Rate him as "mediocre" in chemistry, and you have a Louis Pasteur.

Tell a young boy who loved to sketch and draw that he has no talent, and you have a Walt Disney.

Pit her against sexual discrimination and you have Madam Curie.

........ and many more, those names do not appear here but deserve to.......
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